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It was easy to know what to write about this week. Last Friday I was on the phone having a one to one with one of the superstars on our team. We were planning how to rule the world and then another call came in on the company line. I ignored it but they rang in again-and again. I was intrigued by their persistence so I asked Sherry to hold and clicked over.

What happened next blew me away. A young man on the other end of the line said, “Hello, I know this may sound odd but my name is Daniel, I’m a student in PA. I just got out of a cab and found a purse that had been left by someone. Do you know a Marie Shatto?”

I have not spoken to Marie in a couple of years but I know her well. She worked for BPAA for a long time in the events department and did a lot of good things to help our company at tradeshows and bowling events. Immediately, I let this young man know that indeed I knew Marie. He said that he had looked at her driver’s license and then went to Facebook to see if he could find her.

When he found Marie’s profile, he noticed that I was a friend of hers and was listed as the President of a company. He clicked over to our company fan page and called me right away. A brilliant and SAINTLY move in my humble opinion!

I took his number, clicked right over and called Marie (I had her cell number in my phone, thank goodness). Marie picked up on the first ring and this is how that conversation went. “Hello Marie, this is Beth Standlee. You’re not going to believe this but I understand you may have left your purse in a cab.” She was astonished. I think she thought maybe I was in that cab. I do travel a lot. She explained that she had spent the last hour on the phone with the Admiral’s club, American Airlines, and the Cab Company to no avail. I gave her Daniel’s phone number and hung up quickly so she could retrieve her purse that was filled with her life (that’s where we women carry our life in case you didn’t know!).

The next morning I saw this post of Facebook-which really tells the story better than I have here. Rosie Salas, our director of marketing said it best,  it helps to know there is great good in the world! It makes such a difference to do things every day that make a difference to someone else. I wish I could meet this boy named Daniel.

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We would love to hear from you.  When is the last time you did something to make someones day or someone made your day with a small act of kindness?



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