Meaningful Coaching

Meaningful Coaching

Robin Marshall has worked with TrainerTainment for more that 18 months. She’s a committed coach, full of care and compassion. Several months back, I asked our coaches to send in stories about the teams they work with. When Robin shares any story about a team she’s had the opportunity to coach, her eyes light up and her encouraging manner helps me know her teams will win. The story Robin shares below refers to a team who is continuing to stay the course during this uncertain pandemic time. While formal coaching has been on pause for several months, the connection and traction continues. I hope you’ll let us help your team win as we get back into the game! – Beth Standlee


I have had a lot of meaningful encounters with my clients since I started working with TrainerTainment. It’s hard to pick just one story to tell, so instead I want to share with you the journey of one of our clients. From the signing of the agreement between TrainerTainment and this client to the first phone conversation, I could feel the excitement and desire of the owner to move their business forward.


The folks on the second call included everyone from the birthday party coordinator to the Director of the Family Entertainment Center. The call lasted about an hour, and by the end, it was obvious everyone bought in to the process. The buy in even included some uncertainty surrounding the work and changes to the way they were currently handling group and party sales!


During the next few weeks, we gathered data and learned more about their party and group programs. This process allows everyone to learn a little bit more about the business and how important it is to work together. Our program provides a two-day onsite visit, where we prioritize coaching plans with a goal of helping each organization grow as quickly as possible.


Once trust is established, the team can work through any new initiatives and make decisions regarding birthday parties and group events that will allow them to be more efficient and effective with each guest. It was a true eye opener for them to accept the changes, put plans in place for implementation, and work through the process, handling the bumps in the road as they occurred. These folks are intentional learners and do their homework, so our weekly discussions are meaningful, intentional, and growth oriented.


Providing the training and support needed to implement their changes and processes for the past six months has been very rewarding. Knowing they have the right people in the right seats is invaluable. They report their numbers, their successes, and their challenges each week and, even with all of that, don’t forget to acknowledge the effort each of them contributes. And the business grows …

They have leadership, support, teamwork, and trust that continues to build through their daily challenges and experiences. They have seen that when they plan ahead, there are less challenges. If things do come up last minute, they adjust to help support one another and the organization to make things run smoothly and seamlessly for their customers. And the business grows …

This team knows, trusts, and believes in one another. They work together diligently to be successful and are a great example of how a true team operates.


If you’re ready (even if you’re not), why don’t you at least have a conversation with TrainerTainment and see what’s possible. If there has ever been a time to grow party and group sales, NOW is the time. Call Today to schedule a growth call.

How a business coach turned “creative chaos” into a 5-star non-fiction book

How a business coach turned “creative chaos” into a 5-star non-fiction book

Reprinted 1/14/20 from

Beth Standlee is the Founder, CEO, and President of TrainerTainment. She’s also a sought-after speaker, coach, and writer. Through her million-dollar company, she teaches people how to sell with confidence.

Beth believes the ability to sell can turn a life around. She understands this truth intimately. A career in sales turned her life around.

When Beth was only nineteen, she unexpectedly became pregnant. Forced to drop out of college, she said, “Instead of getting my bachelor’s degree, I got my M.R.S. degree—then my M.O.M.!”

She believes she could have gotten stuck, unable to reach for the life of her dreams. She discovered sales—a career path that allowed her to fit work around her family’s schedule.

Beth says she was lucky. Blessed with a “wonderful groom,” she had the flexibility to grow as a professional. In 2004, she fulfilled another deferred dream and earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of North Texas.

However, Beth realizes many women aren’t as fortunate as she’s been. Increasingly, she wanted to write a book so others—especially women—could change their life through sales, too.

Her belief in the power of books spurred her on: “I wanted to write a book of my own because I’m a big reader. Books have certainly influenced my life and helped me grow.”

Then she laughed and said, “If this hillbilly from Arkansas can build a business through sales, anybody can!”

Turning Experience into a Compelling Book

As someone with an English degree, Beth is no stranger to the writing process. She writes the blog for TrainerTainment and, since 2006, a monthly column for RePlay Magazine called “The Party Professor.” She thought that writing a book would comfortably fall inside her skill set without much outside help.

So, at the beginning of 2018, she decided to collect her stories and wisdom into a book. She unplugged from work and set aside two weeks to churn out as much as possible. By day two, she realized she needed help.

She bought the book Stop Stalling and Start Writing: Kick the Excuses and Jumpstart Your Nonfiction Book by Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor®. She found Nancy’s structured approach to organizing ideas through BookMAPs™ especially useful.

Beth worked on a draft of her BookMAP but decided to reach out to Nancy for help. When she recalled their first conversation, she remembered saying, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I need your process for helping folks.”

Nancy asked Beth when they would need to publish. It was February 2018 at the time. Beth had a big trade show coming up in June and hoped she could to release it then. Much to Beth’s surprise, Nancy told her five months wouldn’t be enough to finish a book. “Quality takes time,” Nancy said.

Disappointed, Beth said, “At first I thought, ‘What kind of coach are you?’ But then I realized, as a coach myself, how hard it is being on the buyer’s side of coaching. I didn’t like the things Nancy was saying at first. But just like I understand sales, Nancy understood her process. It made me think, ‘So this is how those salespeople feel when a coach comes to help them!”

Partnership with a Book-Writing Coach

Beth felt comfortable with Nancy almost immediately. “It was very collaborative. Nancy helped me focus my story through an extremely efficient process. I came to her with ‘creative chaos,’ and she helped me organize it.”

First, they created a purpose statement. Beth wanted the book to show people—especially women—that a professional career in sales could change someone’s life both professionally and personally.

Soon after, Beth and Nancy structured the book’s problem/solution sets, an innovative part of the BookMAP process. Beth said, “From a speaker’s point of view, I really understood Nancy’s system. Make a point, then drive that point home. It was the same process: First problem. Then solution. Then here’s a story that’s going to help you remember that solution.”

Because Beth worked with Nancy one-to-one, she had the freedom to customize the writing process to her creative style. After some initial back and forth, Beth decided to complete the first draft in one large chunk, then send it to Nancy for feedback.

The notes Nancy gave Beth were insightful. They were also actionable. Beth was able to incorporate the edits during a difficult time—her husband was in the hospital, diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She finished her book as she cared for her husband (who’s now doing much better).

As they approached the final stages of editing, she relied heavily on Nancy’s consistent feedback, especially during such a difficult period.

A Five-Star Book on Amazon!

Beth’s partnership with Nancy gave her the ability to write and organize something as long and complicated as a book. She said, “I’m not a process-driven person, so I really connected with Nancy and her method.”

Beth’s partnership with Nancy gave her the ability to write and organize something as long and complicated as a book. She said, “I’m not a process-driven person, so I really connected with Nancy and her method.”

The Book Professor’s system helped Beth get the book to market as well. She said, “I wouldn’t have kept going if I had been responsible for editing, registering, coming up with the cover, and everything. I could do it, but I’m too busy!”

By May 2019, Beth released her book, People Buy from People. As of the publication of this article, all thirteen customer ratings on Amazon are five out of five stars.

She’s been able to accomplish all of her goals, even donating the book to several women-in-need organizations. Beth said, “When I write my next book, Nancy will be involved!”

To learn more about Beth Standlee’s book, People Buy from People, or to buy a copy, click here.

Reprinted from

At, we help people from all walks of life get from a concept to a high-quality finished book. If you have a story that you need help writing, contact Nancy Erickson here.

Insure Your Investment

Insure Your Investment

I hope you have entered the new year energized and excited! Are you dreaming of big things for 2020!

Did you make big decisions at IAAPA? How will you decide to spend your hard-earned profits this year? Did you invest in new equipment? Are you convinced you’ll get a return on that investment?

I’m curious to know what would stop you from investing 1% to 2% of your total revenue for training and coaching.

Unlike an insurance policy that you hope you’ll never have to use, an investment in training will show an immediate return on the investment. You can’t unknow what you are taught. You get to use the training and coaching $$$ for maximum benefit.

So what stops you? Actually, the better question is how soon do you want to realize a return on your investment?

Our experience is within 90 days out, sales or business coaching students begin to multiply the investment 5 to 10 times.

Want to know more? Click on this Calendly link and schedule a call to learn more.

Get ready to swing for the fences in 2020!

I’m here. What do You Need?

I’m here. What do You Need?

A couple of weeks ago (ok, ok  – it was the opening weekend), my 7-year-old and I went to watch Frozen 2.  The Frozen story is one of my favorites because its’ focus is the story of sisterly love, not romantic love, portrayed in unconditional love and acceptance. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend.

In Frozen 2 there was an incredibly profound line that hasn’t left my brain.  The line, spoken by the character Kristoff is simply “I’m here.  What do you need?”

Powerful and incredibly difficult.  Instead of asking people what they need, we are in the practice of:

  • Assuming we know what is best for them.
  • Assuming they want/need us to provide solutions for them.
  • Pushing our own agendas that fill our cup, not theirs.
  • Assuming that we know not only what they need but exactly how they need it as well.

How different would our relationships be, personal & professional, if we just said “I’m here.  What do you need?” and then shut our mouths and actually listened.  Would it be possible to:

  • Grow in understanding of others.
  • Deepen your connections by being willing to meet people where they are.
  • Have more authentic relationships.
  • Increase the support you not only give others but receive in return.

So, that line is my focus going into 2020.  As a coach, friend, leader, family- “I’m here. What do you need?”

You can reach Candi Kelley

We are Constantly Learning

We are Constantly Learning

We are constantly learning. Every day we pick up a new piece of information that we learn from, so what is the difference between learning and intentional learning? Intentional learning is described as having the intention to learn the material and to commit it to one’s memory.   You are setting yourself up to learn something new, pick a topic that you want to excel in, and take the necessary steps to acquire the knowledge and set your goals.

About the conference

We at TrainerTainment are constantly learning, and passing on what we’ve learned to others.  This past week, we did just that. The Advanced Sales Conference at Jakes Unlimited in Mesa, AZ. was a huge success!  We thank all of you who took time in your busy week to do some intentional learning. We covered lots of topics and hope you left with some knowledge and skills that you could immediately put into action to affect your bottom line.  Hey, we know how busy you are, and really applaud you for attending. Our trainer and speaker Kim Wheeler said this:  “This was one of the best Sales conferences, yet! The engagement and camaraderie amongst everyone there was beyond great! Everyone was so open to sharing their own experiences and offering advice to other centers. We really became a team of customers and vendors who were all just trying to learn how to be better salespeople! I can’t wait for the next one!”


If you could not attend, (or even if you did) we hope you can make our next webinar, (from the comfort of your office) on Thursday, September 5th, at 1pm CST. “How to Avoid Dysfunctions In Your Business With These 6 Components“.  Hope you can make it and continue that intentional learning! 

Click here to see some pictures of the Advanced Sales Conference!  Yes, that was a delicious  Unicorn Cotton Candy Taco! Thanks to all our awesome Sponsors and Jakes Unlimited! 

The Obstacle of Fear

The Obstacle of Fear

Don’t you love it when you find inspiration in the everyday? It is always there, but we don’t always take the time to see it. Recently, I was hit with inspiration from my everyday.

My seven-year-old has been riding horses since she was two and a half. At the age of two, we took her to her first rodeo. She was mesmerized and that was that. Six months later, we had her in lessons and her love for horses has continued to grow.

Recently, on a glorious Southern afternoon, she was bucked head over bottom off the horse she was riding that day. Landing with a thud and tears in her eyes, I saw the first glimpse of fear. The next few practices brought more trepidation until she told me she no longer wanted to ride. Luckily, I am not the kind of mom who will let you quit out of fear. I convinced her to stick it out through summer camp and if she still felt the same, it could be up for discussion. I had a conversation with her instructor and it was agreed the next few lessons would be unstructured so she could find her way back to the joy she felt just being on a horse.

The last practice before the summer camp, you could see the enjoyment on her face. She pushed her horse faster than she had been the previous month and tackled many of the obstacles with ease. (Getting bucked will make you slow down a bit.) After practice, with a gleaming face, she hopped in the car and said to me “Momma, I was crazy. I don’t want to stop riding. I love these horses!” She chose not to give in to fear and I beamed with pride.

What is fear keeping you from?

Are you missing out on that gleaming face of accomplishment by not stepping up? If fear is preventing you from taking the next step, try these four tricks.

Honestly answer the question:

  • “What is the worst that could happen?” Once we can think through all the outcomes and have an ability to adapt to the possibilities, the fear lessens.

Visualize yourself as unafraid.

  • Confidence begets confidence. By visualizing yourself as confident and unafraid, your internal self will begin to accept that image as truth.

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

  • Be clear with what goals will be accomplished by facing this fear. Break the actions up into steps and celebrate your progress. Roleplay different scenarios. Each of these exercises will alleviate the feeling of fear.

Find a guiding light.

  • Have you ever noticed how the most successful and talented people keep a lot of help in their corner? There are acting coaches, voice coaches, athletic coaches, finance coaches, life coaches, business coaches, etc. surrounding those at the top. Find your coach.

Don’t let self-doubt win. Face those fears and find out what greatness lies on the other side. Seek a coach who specializes in business or sales. Don’t forget to schedule your growth call with us today.

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