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What's Best for You?

What’s Best for You?

whats best for you?As I contemplate what to write this week I got to thinking about what I’m obsessed with lately. We just ended the first quarter and for us, it was terrific. I hope you had the same experience. Our friends in the north certainly had a CRAZY winter! (Oh and in Atlanta too!)

I feel certain that spring is going to create a “big dip” in motivation for guests to come inside. Are you planning for that? I think you have to; and I would encourage you to NOT just plan for the dip. I know of an organization that literally manages the decline in participation. I think that is a backwards way to run a business and is destined to fail. Maybe that’s my unsophisticated sense of business but I really believe you should not plan to manage a decrease in business.

So what can you do? Look at the title of this email. If you take the title and change it to:

What’s Best for My Customer?

You might come up with some answers like this:

  1. They want a good deal-everyone wants great value. That doesn’t mean it has to be cheap!
  2. They want to be communicated with-How’s your facebook presence? How does a guest know what you are doing?
  3. They want amazing service…start treating them like the VIP’s they are.
  4. They want to enjoy recreation with their friends-do you have a friends and family program?

Under each answer you could list the a. b. c. items that address each of “wants” of your guest. I know the list could me three to four times in length. Have you had a team meeting and ask your team to build this list. It’s also a great time to talk about the success or struggle of the first quarter? It’s worth a look and if you have something to celebrate you really need to celebrate it with your team who made it happen. It’s also the BEST time to plan and set a course for the second quarter. Don’t just look back and review what happened. Create a plan and set some goals that EVERYONE knows about for the second quarter.

Look at June-June has a built in promotion line – “June is busting out all over”. Why not take that seriously and set up one week in June as “Record Breaker” week. In my Tupperware days, we always had a record breaker week in the year. It was nuts. We all focused on that week and did all kinds of crazy things to generate more sales that we had ever sold in a single week. You know what happened? Each year we broke our record! Wouldn’t you like to have a record breaking week in June?

Maybe that’s “best” for you. Let me know. What are you doing for the second quarter? Are you goals set? Have you communicated those goals with your team? Is there a plan? Are you sharing your plan with your customers? It’s not too late.

I’m serious about wanting to know what you are doing. Share with us what we could do to help you. When I put the title up this week, I really mean to ask you, “What’s BEST for You” in this space. When we write weekly, we do that for you. Our intent is to educate, inspire, and motivate you to build your sales and your people.

I would love to know how we could do that better. Send me an email with your thoughts or get the conversation going on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a GIANT weekend!



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