Family Entertainment Center On-site Training

On-site Training

Not investing in a training program for your team members could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. We know that developing a training program can seem to take a lot of time and resources that you don’t have. However, by investing in training, your team members will be happier in their job, stay longer, and have better knowledge to provide a great guest experience.

We believe that you need to grow your people first to grow your business. Our coaches have the resources and background to train your team while saving you time and money.

The Plan:


Identify gaps in processes that are inhibiting your team’s ability to sell, manage, and deliver great guest service


Provide 1, 2, or 3-day training sessions customized to fit your business needs


Build confidence and knowledge in your team members by providing the tools and guidance necessary to become high performers


Create a culture of high touch, interactive customer service that will ensure overall growth

And much more…

On-site Training Results:


A team of knowledgeable and confident high performers ready to serve your customers


An empowered culture and environment focused on creating the best guest experience for your customers


Increased team member morale through fun training and assurance that you believe in their ability to deliver the best guest experience, create memories, and sell more

It was amazing to see our team members connect and become excited to be collaborating on the training.

-Trevor Cunningham, Ryan Family Amusements

If you are overwhelmed with hiring and training your people to run your new center, TrainerTainment can help.

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