We help family entertainment centers GROW®.

Our coaches have over 100 years of combined experience coaching and training teams to increase sales, service, and leadership for family entertainment centers.

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Becoming a Sales Pro

Using the Sales Pro System we maximize success through accountability and visibility with results-driven training to help transform your team into a motivated, successful, selling machine.

More Party Sales

Foot Traffic

Better Work Environment

Less Employee Turnover

Dive into our Grow Academy

The Online Courses to Help you Grow your Family Entertainment Center

The Un-Fun Cycle

The Family Entertainment Center Business Is Supposed To Be Fun

You work hard to make your family entertainment center grow, but when you try to do everything on your own, you just end up overworked, frustrated, and anxious, which leads to a stressful work environment for everyone.

If your family entertainment center is experiencing any of the four symptoms of the Un-Fun Cycle, it’s time for a change.

Start A NEW Cycle

The most successful businesses build teams of extraordinary people, and extraordinary employees

are a result of great leadership, training, and solid planning.


Business Strategy & Planning


Sales Training & Coaching


Onsite Staff Training

The TrainerTainment® Business Growth Plan

Schedule A Growth Call

Schedule a growth discovery call so we can understand your business and current challenges.

Receive Your Custom Plan

Based on your specific needs, we prepare a plan of action for your business.

See Your Business Grow

We work directly with you and your team on a weekly basis to execute our recommendations and GROW your business.

Family Entertainment Centers We’ve Helped GROW

“ Our sales were sagging, and our sales team had no enthusiasm. After employing TrainerTainment®, our sales have climbed, and the team has newfound energy. “

-Steve Traylor, Thunderzone

We help family entertainment centers


Our coaches have over 100 years of combined experience managing teams and increasing sales for family entertainment centers.

We Get It

We learn about your business and listen to your needs and goals.

We Recommend

We guide you to the best solution for your unique business.

We Optimize

Through accountability and coaching, we help you put your plan into action to produce real results.

You WIN!

We celebrate your success with you and then help you plan for what’s next.

“ The weekly coaching call is such a touchstone for our entire team, with the fresh eyes and outside the box thinking. Every week, you help us deal with the issues and challenges we face. “

-Garth Brophy, Palasad

Work can be fun again. Let us help.

High team member turnover, bad guest experience reviews, and a sales team that is not producing is not how it’s supposed to be.

When your team is operating at their best, they will be happier, the business will make more money, and you can have a life outside of work or take a well-deserved vacation once in a while.

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