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Weekly, our team has many conversations about being overworked, overwhelmed, and understaffed.

One of the most important things we can do is to shift our thinking about how we see and engage team members. We of them as “internal guests.” Thinking of the people who work for us as a client or a guest makes it possible to treat them in a new way.

We don’t know a single business owner who thinks about the external guest who walks in the door as “disposable.”  Use these tools and resources to engage your “internal guest.” 

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Below is a recording of the – Eliminate Limiting Beliefs that was recently streamed live. Beth discusses a 3-step process to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs special guest, Bob Cooney – The VR Guy..

  • Notice the Belief
  • Get Curious
  • Be Reasonable


Enjoy many articles and papers that will you lead, train, and motivate your team, such as this one on Finding and Leading Top Performers.

Finding and Leading Top Performers

Bringing the right team members aboard has always been a mission-critical task. In these days when it can be challenging to even find workers, it remains essential to hire the right person and understand what you need to do to develop and keep them.

Best Practice # 1: It’s difficult to get great performance from the wrong person.

If you are hiring for “breath and transportation” only, it’s likely you may have plenty of no-call, no-show experiences. Each week, and sometimes daily, I consult with a business owner who believes they have to take anyone who shows up for the interview. I get it, the hiring market is tough. But isn’t it tougher to have the wrong person? Does that ever really work out? The cost can be astronomical.

In a recent “Topgrading” article (, an entry-level employee can cost as much as 1x their annual pay. So, a short-term, front-line team member who makes $12 per hour and works 15 hours per week is likely to cost more than $9,000 in recruiting, hiring, training, paperwork and more. And we can’t even measure the lost business from the guests who never return because of a negative interaction with the “wrong” team member. So, doesn’t it make sense to figure out who the right person is and determine to only hire that one?

Best Practice # 2: Determine who the “right” new hire is.

Think about the three best team members you’ve ever worked with and list their names on a piece of paper. Then list the traits and characteristics that came to mind as you thought of your best. Next, evaluate your current team. How are they measuring up? Can you speak directly to them about their performance in specific areas so they, too, can make your “best team member” list? Finally, determine to dig in and ask specific questions of your next new hire to see if they can list real examples of when they have exhibited the traits and characteristics of your “best team member” list.

I know you may be thinking you don’t have time, you need people now, etc. However, financially speaking, can you continue to afford to turn people over? Having the right person, doing the right things and at the right time could make your business more fun and profitable.

Best Practice # 3: Real motivation is an inside-out move.

Dan Pink, leading researcher in motivation and author of Drive & To Sell is Human, teaches us that real, sustainable motivation is intrinsic. When we can help people know they have autonomy, mastery and purpose in their work, we can enjoy higher levels of performance. Extrinsic sources of motivation like reward, recognition or fear only work as long as the manager is feeding the team member with these external sources. Learn your team members’ real purpose behind their work. Share the big picture of your business with everyone in the organization. Help your employees master their jobs and give them ownership of their area. This leads us to best practice #4.

Best Practice # 4: Positively reinforce the behaviors you want to see. . .

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