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You want to provide training for your team and implement new systems in your center, but you don’t have the tools to do it. Xpress Training gives you online access to all the tools you need to grow your people and your business.

By being a member of Xpress Training, you will gain access to the tools our coaching team uses ourselves! You get 15% on all products in our store.

On a weekly basis, our team has many conversations about being overworked, overwhelmed, and understaffed.

One of the most important things we think we can do is to shift our thinking about how we see and engage team members. We like to think of them as “internal guests.” Thinking of the people who work for me as a client or a guest makes it possible to treat them in a new way.

We don’t know a single business owner who thinks about the external guest, who walks in the door, as “disposable”.  Use these tools and resources to engage your “internal guest”. 

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Tips on How to Conduct an Interview

We differentiate between the telephone interview, the virtual interview, and the in-person interview. The purpose of the telephone and virtual interview is to obtain information other than already provided by the applicant in the resume and answered screening questions when they applied for the position. It occurs prior to the in-person interview.

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The Virtual Birthday Party Conference is now a part of Xpress Training. If you would like to have an explosion of birthday parties this year, then this presentation is for you. Covered in the conference is The Four P’s to success:

  • Product
  • Process
  • People
  • Party

There are four 1 1/2 hour training segments available in this online conference. Start your 7-day FREE Trial, and watch this conference.

Below is a recording of the – How To Turn Group Birthday Guests Into Repeat Customers. How to keep your Group and Birthday guests returning to your center for more fun throughout the year!

The BDSQF – Birthday Sales Qualification Form is one of many resources included in Xpress Training. Guest service starts at the beginning – find out what the customer needs and give them that, and more! Download this resource! 

Xpress Training

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  • Building Group Sales – Digital
  • Building Birthday Sales – Digital
  • Building Great Teams – Digital
  • Corporate Party Playbook: Play Therapy – Digital
  • Marketing Manual – Digital
  • Grand Opening Events – Digital
  • Birthday Club – Digital
  • Party Host Manual – Digital
  • Fun Training, Serious Results – Digital
  • 2022 Reach Calendar
  • Training Webinars
  • Hiring Forms
  • Birthday Forms
  • Group Sales Forms
  • Promotions Forms
  • and More

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