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Leadership is for the Birds!

management is for the birdsIt has been my experience that when you understand more about how you tick and why you respond the way you do, it can make a GIANT difference in the way you deal with others. In becoming more attuned to these personality subtleties in yourself, you will also learn more about what makes others behave the way they do; and that can make a HUGE difference in how you motivate and inspire them.

Every week someone asks me what they can we do to motivate their staff? I always give the same answer; to hire people who are motivated in the first place. I do know, however, that when you understand more about how another human being is wired, you can relate to them in a way that is more motivating.

Here’s what I mean:  My husband is more introverted than I am. OK that’s an understatement. I’m extroverted, he’s definitely introverted. That doesn’t mean he is shy. It means that he likes to “process things internally”. Imagine how that works when I’m the extroverted “out loud” processor. A perfect example is exhibited in the following conversation.

Beth: “Honey let’s go to the movies… You want to go see Jersey Boys?”

Jerry: “Maybe”.

This is a VERY common conversation. He says “Maybe” to just about everything. In the early days, that used to make me mad. Today, I get it, because I get him… he simply means that he needs to think about it for a minute or five. I’ve learned to wait for him to process instead of getting my feelings hurt when he doesn’t immediately jump on my bandwagon of fun and excitement. We did end up seeing Jersey Boys, by the way, and it was GREAT.

I share this information with you today because we are having a very important webinar on July 10th. If you would like to participate fully, I encourage you to sign up now. One of best seminars that we produce surrounds this topic of understanding every team member’s personality so that you can help drive performance, based on knowing more about what drives each individual. We want you to sign up today so that we can send you a simple 18 question assessment. If you take the time to complete the assessment, it will make the time you spend with us on the webinar so much more valuable because you will have a way to score yourself.

If you’ve had children in your life; either as a parent or an employer, you know that you simply cannot deal with each child in the exact same way. What works with one doesn’t get you to first base with the other. This webinar will help you better understand WHY that happens. It is our goal to equip you with some tools that will enhance the communication between you and individual team members. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen this training impact the entire team and their relationships with one another because they better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The discovery that happens during this session is something that will profoundly impact how you treat others, and how you interpret the way others treat you. It’s going to be a powerful 45 minutes and I’d love to see you there… click here and sign up today.



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