Today’s Excellence is Tomorrow’s Mediocrity

Today’s Excellence is Tomorrow’s Mediocrity

The risk of refusing to grow!

What a quote! I love this guy Rick Houcek who writes a 2-minute Monday morning motivator. It’s easy. in that, it takes about 2 minutes to read, and I almost always get a ton out of what he puts out. The title of my article today is a direct quote from his 2/25/20 newsletter and I felt like I just had to share my thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think.

In my mind GROWTH is necessary!

I think there are many ways to intentionally focus on growth. First and foremost is PRIORITIZATION. For me, I have a morning ritual of reading. Honestly, I look forward to getting out of bed and into the words of the day. Once I get set, I go for a walk. Sometimes on the treadmill, sometimes outside. I listen to Audible when I walk. I just finished, Never Split the Difference. It is a GREAT read.


This morning ritual is a very important set up for the day. If missed for any reason, it takes a toll. My stress level increases and productivity for the day decreases. It may seem counterintuitive to add something to the schedule and subtract the stress, but it is the way it works for me. Yes, I must get up early and it’s worth it.


Reading is not the only way to gain knowledge. Candi, our director of training, is an avid podcast listener. Amy, who has trained for us, reads a ton of blogs every week. Mary, our director of operations, loves THE PHYSICAL BOOK and reads with a highlighter in hand! Talking with others, listening to the many, and curiosity about everything is a voracious way to feed your growth.


I do believe there is a balance between not thinking your good enough and always pursuing excellence. It is important to take time and celebrate the wins. However, there is a danger of basking in the glow of today and not continuing to seek improvement for tomorrow. The warp speed of change today is sure to transform today’s excellence into yesterday’s old news.


No one jumps out of bed and shouts, “I hope I’m mediocre today!”. In the same thought though, maybe few jump up thinking “I’m going to seek excellence today!” I’d love to encourage you to decide to jump out of bed with intention. Be present today. Be excellent today. Learn something. Share something with someone. Smile. Make someone else’s day.

I’d love to hear what you think would make today an excellent day for you.

Insure Your Investment

Insure Your Investment

I hope you have entered the new year energized and excited! Are you dreaming of big things for 2020!

Did you make big decisions at IAAPA? How will you decide to spend your hard-earned profits this year? Did you invest in new equipment? Are you convinced you’ll get a return on that investment?

I’m curious to know what would stop you from investing 1% to 2% of your total revenue for training and coaching.

Unlike an insurance policy that you hope you’ll never have to use, an investment in training will show an immediate return on the investment. You can’t unknow what you are taught. You get to use the training and coaching $$$ for maximum benefit.

So what stops you? Actually, the better question is how soon do you want to realize a return on your investment?

Our experience is within 90 days out, sales or business coaching students begin to multiply the investment 5 to 10 times.

Want to know more? Click on this Calendly link and schedule a call to learn more.

Get ready to swing for the fences in 2020!

Top 5 Tips to Grow Group Sales

Top 5 Tips to Grow Group Sales

Want to grow your group sales? Don’t even know where to begin? Sales can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This week, we put together our top tips for growing group sales.

Have a Sales Champion

There is nothing more important to growing group sales than a dedicated sales champion. A sales champion inspires the whole center to be the best to keep guests coming back time after time for events. Imagine calling your food purveyor to inquire about a new product. How would you feel getting someone on the phone who doesn’t know what they are selling and couldn’t answer your questions? Even worse, what if no one ever answered the phone? When booking events, parents say they look for these things:

  1. Someone has to answer the phone. In today’s busy world, parents don’t have a lot of time, if they call now, answer now, or if not, they are moving on to the next venue on their list.
  2. The person who answers the phone needs to be friendly, know the product, and be knowledgeable or they lose trust.

The sales champion may be one of the most important roles in the center. How do you make sure they are staying on track and increasing sales? They have to be involved with the goals and that leads us to tip number 2.

Get a Scorecard with KPI’s in Place

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators. It is your goal broken down into mini weekly goals. KPIs are what keep us on track toward achieving our objectives. A scorecard is a place where we put those goals and track them each week. Make sure they know what their goals are,  and have them tracked. It’s easy to see when you are off track and get ahead before it’s too late.

Outbound Efforts

Don’t wait for business to come to you. There will always be clients who call the center to book events because they are already guests and know how great you are. Reach out to new businesses and expand your network! Plan each day with a power hour to kick start your day. Nothing is more important than to plant the seeds and watch the harvest come in. If we allow sales to come merely through inbound efforts, it will be too late to recover when the phones go silent.

Call Everyone!

What do arcade games, laser tag, or bowling have to do with a dentist office or mechanic’s business? EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter what industry people work in, everyone has holiday parties. Even more have team building events, summer picnics, team appreciation, and more. If they don’t, why not put the thought in their head? Stay away from the temptation of thinking a certain business would never use your facility for their small, medium, or large events because you may just be surprised.

Get Out in The Center and Talk to Guests

Our sales teams shouldn’t stay in an office all day. A great way to get a break and be productive is to get out of the office, into the center, and talk to guests who are already there.
Summer is a great time to be out in the center. Look for parents on laptops, for example. They may be working from home, and you could talk with them about what kind of events their company has and even get contact information for the person who plans the events. The point is, you will get loads of feedback about why they love your center, what keeps them coming back, and maybe even a recommendation to a friend or business.

Bonus! Learn Sales Processes that Work!

Our upcoming August Advanced Sales Conference is a great way to get your team on the right track!  We are getting together with a bunch of extraordinary people just like you on August 21st & 22nd at Jake’s Unlimited in Mesa AZ.  (I know, it will be HOT), but fortunately, all the work we will do is inside Jake’s beautiful facility!

Creating a Powerhouse of Learning

Creating a Powerhouse of Learning

There is one characteristic all people in the business world and the workforce have in common, regardless of their position, the line of industry, trade area, organization size, national or international business activities, or ownership/employee status in the organization. It is one characteristic that has been and will always be of utmost importance for success. It plays a key role in my commitment as Executive Assistant to support business owners I work within their vision and mission to drive their businesses forward and it plays a key role for everyone who wants to pursue and continue a successful career. That characteristic is the desire to learn constantly and to never stop learning.

We know change is a constant in our lives. To stay successful and competitive in business, we need to go with the change and learn new things. Having worked for 18 years in the FEC industry, I’ve learned about the history of the bowling business.

For example, a few decades ago the bookkeeper was called scorekeeper because they would manually keep track of the leagues’ scores and league bowling was the primary income source for the proprietor. Keeping score manually is now replaced by modern electronic scoring systems. Now, open bowling is called casual bowling and is the main source of income. Dark and smoke-filled facilities are replaced with well-lit, smoke-free, inviting facilities. Social media and email campaigns didn’t exist. Advertising was through regular mail and print magazines or community brochures. If a customer had a complaint, they would call or visit the bowling center to speak with the proprietor. Today, people leave reviews on social media sites.

Not only the bowling and FEC industries but all industries are subject to change over time such as the changes described above. With all this change in our workplace, there is a strong need for learning. It’s a need we must fill by providing and taking advantage of learning opportunities. Only if we continue to learn, can we keep up with the changes surrounding us and – very importantly – grow ourselves. By growing ourselves, we grow the business. We all agree we want to be part of a growing business and not a declining one.

In my career of 30+ years working with executives on their businesses, I have observed that Intentional Learning exists when staff members who enjoy broadening their knowledge, the Learners, have the desire and take the initiative to learn. These Intentional Learners will constantly engage in and seek out new training and learning opportunities and ask meaningful questions on the job to expand their knowledge.

Their supervisor doesn’t have to ask them to visit a training boot camp or to take a course. The Intentional Learners will research what classes are out there and come to the supervisor for approval to take the course. Many Intentional Learners will even take classes and pay for the courses out of their own pockets just for the fun of learning and to be on top of their game. They enjoy learning so much,  they cannot get enough of it.

Sharing knowledge can be fun as well, and often learners are entrusted with a teaching role within the organization. They can go from learning to teaching their fellow staff members, encouraging them to more learning, as well and leading the team to higher efficiency as a result. This behavior creates a Powerhouse of Learning and a learning culture.

If a CEO would ask me in my role as an experienced Executive Assistant what I would do with the Learners on the team, here is my answer: 1. Support the Intentional Learners and nurture their desire to learn; 2. Ignite the spark of Intentional Learning by providing training opportunities; and 3. Get rid of the Non-Learners.

I’ll end with a quote from Joe Schumacker, CEO of SpareZ, and a strong advocate for lifelong learning: “If you do not learn, you cannot lead. If you do not lead, you cannot achieve. Learning leads to achieving.”

TrainerTainment’s Top Reads

TrainerTainment’s Top Book Reads

We are only two weeks into the new year, and I think I have purchased a dozen books to read in the next few months. Some of those books are the Jack Reacher series, but most of them are to help me become a better marketer, a better leader, and for just good old fashioned personal development.

One of our core values here at TrainerTainment is intentional learning. We have defined that as forward thinking; anticipating future needs and learning more; reading and asking questions; sharing learnings with others; taking ownership of our understanding and knowledge; being coachable. Just those alone require some reading, right?! So I asked the Trainertainment team about the best books they read in 2016.

I would love to hear from you if you have read any of these or if you have suggestions.  Share them with a comment below, on our Facebook page or shoot me an email. I’d love to add more to my list!

Books to Grow Your People and Business


Mike Weinberg

New Sales Simplified

Sales Management Simplified

Weinberg has a great way of saying all those things we believe about great selling. He gives great insight into the mistakes that get made for the sales rep and the sales Manger and places a great emphasis on how to correct those mistakes now.

I loved his no nonsense real world experience and the care in which he expresses his message.

Listen, I’m an old sales dog, and there were some new tricks that I didn’t hesitate to try right away. I’ve personally had the best three sales quarters in the history my company. I know the things I learned from Weinberg early in the year helped.



Jim Collins

Good to Great

What stood out to me about this book was how Collins showed through extensive research that, historically, many CEOs and leaders of small, medium and behemoth size companies, simply ignore truths and cling to their vision – to the point of becoming destructive to that very vision! Great stuff.




Gino Wickman

Rocket Fuel

This book gave me a lot more understanding of working with a visionary since I tested at 97% integrator. It really showed me how different the two roles are and gave me a better understanding of how these two folks best work together to really “fuel” a company and get the results we want. This book will help any organization clearly identify and define roles to help them move forward.



Jonathan Whistman

The Sales Boss

Sales Boss sets the tone for Sales Managers who enter into a new company taking over an existing department. I love the journey Whistman takes you on showing you how to analyze how the current sales department is structured and performing from receptionist to upper management.

Sales Boss shows that those who are true superstars eventually will outshine those who aren’t. To find these superstars and help them shine, we need to be sure that we are looking at the talent in our departments by providing solid goals



Patrick Lencioni

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

This is a very powerful book on that beast we call teams. Lencioni’s fable, as he calls it, is dead-on in describing the issues that face teams today. You get to see the path taken by the team in the book to finally be “rowing in the same direction.” Great addition to Gino Wickman’s Get a Grip and Traction books.



Gino Wickman

Get a Grip


Coming from an operations background…this book is a WOW eye opener! I wish I had known about the EOS Model when I was working in all my previous roles as Director of Ops and General Manager. This process brings together all the “cool things” that everyone else mentions in business books and puts it into an easy to follow process that, if done properly and consistently, brings results!



David Allen

Getting Things Done

I found this book extremely helpful to my daily productivity. It got straight to the point of showing what to do to be more organized and efficient with completing tasks.

Many self-development books spend a lot of time discussing theories and concepts and use real life stories or case studies to illustrate the points they’re trying to get across to the reader. While these are great sources of knowledge and inspiration, I often am still left with a hunger for more details of how to actually accomplish the intended results they showcase.

David Allen provides the practical mechanics of what you need to do to become more productive…on a minute by minute basis. He outlines a process that he calls the “5 Stages of Mastering Workflow” which consists of Collecting, Processing, Organizing, Reviewing, and Doing your work.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a desire to improve their ability to get things done!



Robert Greene

48 Laws of Power

This is an eye-opening book that gave an entirely new view on the actions of those around me. It’s packed with tactical moves, strategies, and examples of history that prove the effectiveness of “Power Games.”

It advises ways of overcoming irrational emotions, facing opponents, mastering networks, persuading those around you, identifying true motives of peers, and understanding the pieces that hold up and strengthen many societies (both current and in history).


I was sitting in church today and noticed that even my church has a scorecard. Over the last year, I have taken a new step toward accountability within my company. All of our sales team and many of our team members in management have a scorecard. This scorecard helps all of us stay accountable. At church it helps us celebrate the success we have as a community. At work it helps us celebrate the success we have as a team.



A little over a year ago my friend, Beth Standlee of Trainertainment, really put my focus on setting up our team scorecards. We have been seeing great success by using them. The secret of the scorecard is tied to accountability. The employee is given a metric that they own. As an owner, I know that metric is tied to their success and if they achieve that score, they will be performing well.

Once you have a scorecard, you must monitor it, just like that big scoreboard at your favorite sporting event. At my church, they post their scorecard in the church bulletin each week. It brings awareness to goals and keeps us all checking the score.

Every Monday in my company we look at our scorecard for the previous week. We address any deficiencies in our score and celebrate all our wins. One of the most important conversations during that meeting is the challenges we are experiencing as we work toward that perfect score. We discuss the challenges and look for ways we can improve our company and our team.

Now’s the time to setup your team scorecard. What is a metric you know makes a particular team member successful at their job? Is it the number of facility tours made by your sales rep or perhaps food cost in your F&B operation? Take those numbers and start tracking your progress. I guarantee as you track these numbers and hold yourself and your team accountable, you will see an increase in the success of your business. Growing your business is within your reach, just take the time to keep score.


3cc1391Kyle Allison, from Andy Alligators in Norman, OK is a young man that I adore. One thing that I love about this business is that we get the opportunity to work with the best and brightest young people in the world.

Kyle is one of those guys. I met him in the early years of Trainertainment.  He was just out of college and working his way into the family business.

I knew he was an ideal customer in that he couldn’t learn enough. I know you’ll enjoy this young entrepreneur’s insight as he guest writes for our newsletter this week.


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