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Birthday Parties

A Recipe For Selling

a recipe for selling

One of my obsessions is watching the Tasty Presents videos on cooking. I love to cook and thank God I am blessed with the gift of being an amazing cook. People ask all the time how I was able to become a good cook. There are two secrets to it: practice and a recipe. It’s…

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Ways to Jazz Up Your Party Rooms

When was the last time you touched up your party rooms? I remember it was always one of the last things on my list. It sure could have used more time and attention, though. Think of it this way, if 20% of sales are coming from birthday parties, don’t you want to make sure the…

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Where’s the Party At?

Though not a nationally recognized holiday for most, a birthday lands somewhere ahead of Christmas and the candy-filled, colorful costume celebration of Halloween as a kid’s favorite day of the year. From toddlers to teens, a special event where all the attention is on them, calls for putting a spotlight front and center on an…

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A Chance to Give Back

Last week we shared a bunch of ideas for holiday marketing. One of the things on my mind this week is that we have a great opportunity to give back to our community. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to give back to my community. I raised funds for the…

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How do you build your burger?

We recently had our quarterly planning session. What that means is at the end of every quarter our leadership team gets together to reflect on the past quarter, plan and goal set for the next quarter and take a look at our values, people, three year and ten-year goals. This quarterly planning helps us get…

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Party Sales

I managed a million dollar birthday business. More specifically, I managed birthday parties at a large FEC for six years and helped turn it into a million dollar a year birthday business. Yes, I was in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, but that also meant that we were competing with lots…

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