5 Star Cleaning Workshop

5 Star Cleaning Workshop

Sonya TerrySonya Terry comes to TrainerTainment after more than 16 years in the laser tag industry as a trainer, general manager and area manager in Texas for Leisure Entertainment Corporation of Canada. The company’s Laser Quest is one of the first manufacturers and operators of laser tag arenas. Sonya has extensive experience in training and motivating young, first-time workers in the amusement industry, which is one of TrainerTainment’s specialties.

Hello welcome to the 5 Star Cleaning process. Cleanliness has always been important, but we all know that is a major focus now. The 5 Star Cleaning Workshop will cover these 5 important areas:

Awareness … Looking at things with fresh eyes, and in a different way.
Hygiene… Personal responsibility to not spread germs, by washing your hands frequently throughout the day.
Product… Use the correct products in the correct places every time.
Sanitation… Committed to the sanitizing surfaces employees and customers frequently touch.
Visibility… Communication and commitment to all. Are you communicating your commitment to your customers do you let them know that safety is a top priority in their center.

You can utilize this 5 Star Cleaning Workshop to ensure that you and you team are ready for business!! Sign up for our newsletter below and immediately receive the link to download the complete workshop package, which includes the training PowerPoint, Cleaning Checklist, and a Certificate of Completion.


5  Simple Things to Do When Your Website is Attacked

5 Simple Things to Do When Your Website is Attacked

Your worst nightmare has come true. You drive into work, get settled in, and start preparing for your week. You pull up reports, check your website, and bam! you see you have been hacked. This scenario plays out every day thousands of times.
You start investigating why it’s hacked, what got hacked and discover it’s a script written to redirect your traffic to another site. Unfortunately, this is the case on the TrainerTainment site.

This is one of the biggest nightmares for small businesses. And so while our website is being worked on, I thought it would be appropriate to give you 5 tips to recover from such an attack.

  1. Notify your IT department or web manager immediately as well as your employees. Let them know you are hacked and have IT start the process of identifying the malware.
  2. Lockdown all your accounts and passwords. Anything that is linked to your network. This will prevent the attack on hacking other programs and social sites as well.
  3. Find out what got breached. Is it a simple redirect, or something more sinister?
  4. Take action: Clean your site, there are many good sites that will do this for you if you can’t do it yourself.
  5. Notify your customers. Let them know your site may be down for a few hours or days and avoid the site until you give it a green light. This will give you more opportunities to connect with them.

Hope you find these tips useful and we will keep you updated on our site as soon as it becomes available and there are no threats.

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