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Reflecting On 2018 and Looking Forward To 2019

Reflecting On 2018 and Looking Forward To 2019

I’m one of those people who love the New Year. I realize we simply turn the calendar and the sun comes up on January 1st just like it did on the last day of this year. However, I am energized. It’s as if we get a clean slate. The race begins anew!

I also slow down enough to reflect on the current year and plan for the coming year. As I reflect on 2018, I am full of gratitude.

  1. My children are happy and healthy. I don’t think it matters how old your kids are, as parents, our top priority is health and happiness for our offspring. My children are all adults, and each of them pursues life in their own The most joy I have is when those adult children choose to spend time with JD and me.
  2. Our family took a wonderful Alaskan cruise this year. My son Jordan wasn’t able to join us but Leslie, Amanda, JD, me, and JD’s brother Kendal and sister Jonie, made this a trip that will live in our memories forever!
  3. TrainerTainment continues to grow, and we stay completely dedicated to positively impacting the sales, service, and leadership growth in the hospitality world.
  4. I believe we have the most experienced and talented team in the history of the company.
  5. It was extremely exciting to have one of our clients win FEC of the World. Congratulations to Jeremy Hoyum and Jake’s Unlimited! They join the FEC of the World ranks with our past Scene 75 client and current client Big Thrill Factory, who also hold this title!
  6. Rosie Salas, our marketing director, worked very closely with the Storybrand Marketing folks to redo our website to better communicate with our ideal client. If you haven’t tuned into Donald Miller’s work, you might want to put that on your 2019 planning goals.
  7. The TrainerTainment seminars and conferences were well attended, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work of the attendees, which includes our wonderful sponsor partners. We would not be able to deliver these workshops without the support of our friends in the industry who are committed to education and training. Thanks so much to each of you – Redemption Plus, Party Center Software, Safe Park USA, Embed, Player One,  Zone Laser Tag, Flagship Carpets, Fetch Rev, Creative Works, Apple Industries, Bowling Industry Magazine, and Party Direct.
  8. Finally, I’m so grateful for all the dedicated friends and family in my life. We never know the twists and turns our lives may take. What we can know is the people we love matter more than anything else in the world, and if we are lucky, those people love us back. I know how lucky I am. For the first time in 20+ years, I missed IAAPA. So many friends reached out during the show. My team performed at a superstar level. As a company, we had the BEST show ever! I may never go to IAAPA again…NOT TRUE! I am so blessed to be able to take care of life in a way that serves the people I love. That would not be possible without the love of my friends, family, and team.

We have big plans for 2019. I hope those plans include you. Some of the early goals are:

  1. I will be in New Orleans for the Bowling Summit in January.
  2. Kim and I are going to Austin for the IAAPA FEC Summit at the end of the month.
  3. February 21st and 22nd we’ll be in Houston hosting a TrainerTainment “must attend” Sales Conference. The focus will be Group and Birthday Sales. I hope you’ll plan to be there. Registration opens soon at
  4. The TrainerTainment Team is taking a 7 days cruise out of Galveston beginning February 24th. You should come with us! Email me for the details if you would like to cruise with us!
  5. I plan to publish my first “Best Seller” (a girl can hope) by the end of the first quarter.

Listen, any one of our team members is coming to a city near you sometime during 2019! If you want this year to be the year of growth for you, your team, and/or your business, my hope is you’ll include TrainerTainment in those plans!

I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on all the good of 2018 and plan to have an extraordinary 2019.

Much love and I wish you a Happy New Year,




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  1. Robin Marshall on March 20, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Love this reflection! It reminds me of the purpose of life and commitment to people! You are a great leader that always puts other first! Thank you for the recap and look forward to what 2019 brings.

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