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How Sick Do You Have To Be?


Recently I spent seven days in the ICU with my brother-in-law who is having a terrible bout with pneumonia. As of this writing, he’s still in the hospital and although I’ve been a hospital TV show junkie all my life, it is incredible to see what it takes to keep the body in a state that it can heal.

The BIG lesson is going to the doctor as soon as you have an inkling you might need to go. In no way am I criticizing my brother-in-law. My husband has said more than once during our 37 years of marriage that my dying words would be, “If I don’t feel better in the morning, I’ll go to the doctor.” Not anymore. After seven days of watching my sweet brother-in-law fight for his life, I’m certain that health is at the top of my list.

I share this with you because lately, I’ve been in discussion with our team members, friends, clients, and our marketing department about what needs to happen for people to take action when it comes to growing their people and their business.

At TrainerTainment, we are focused and maybe even obsessed with the health of leaders and their teams. I have literally asked the question, “How bad does it have to get for someone to reach out and ask for help?”

Rosie, our marketing director, made the comparison that using a coach was like taking a vitamin instead of needing a high powered antibiotic. I’m convinced a vitamin regimen as preventive maintenance is a whole lot better than IV antibiotics in ICU!

I don’t know for sure we have the right prescription for your team’s health, but wouldn’t it be good to simply schedule a check-up and see if you are getting the healthy results that are possible?

I’d love to hear from you. Click here and schedule a check-up today!



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