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Tips & Best Practices for Family Entertainment Centers

FEC Marketing Made Easy Vol 3



We are just two short months away from summer break. If you are a parent like me, you are probably already thinking about how to keep your kids active this summer. As a mom who works from home, I’m starting to plan how to keep three boys entertained and not fighting for two and a half months.

In this edition of FEC Marketing Made Easy, I’d like to share with you a few ideas on summer promotions for your center.

Kids and Money

For the past few years we have given our boys a weekly allowance with restrictions on how they can use the money….20% goes to savings, 10% to charity, and the rest to spend. If they want to buy something, they must have a balance of $10. I was fortunate to learn to manage money when I was young.

Create a package that includes learning, food, and fun. Your local bank can come in and talk about spending and saving and even sign the kids up for a savings or checking account. It’s a great way to draw mid-week business and have an afternoon activity for the kids.

Kids and Health

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids active and teach them how to choose healthy food options. But what kid wants to listen to their parents about this stuff? Partner with your location nutritionist to host a class where the kids can learn about nourishing their body and making healthy food choices. Include food in your package they can purchase from your menu. It will help them see they can make good choices anywhere!

A great way to get the kids more active is to host a Zumba class. They could have a healthy lunch or dinner afterward and then spend some time having fun in your center.

Educational Classes

Kids love to get hands-on and learn new things and usually want to do so with friends. Host different types of educational classes about math and science during the week. Think outside the box. Your center already has fun ways to learn. If you have bowling, incorporate a math lesson. You could have fun with a pizza party by showing how cooking uses math and science. Use a spare party room and have different experiments. There are some terrific ideas on our Pinterest board. It doesn’t have to be complex, remember. They want to learn something and have fun while doing it!

Hope these ideas help you think outside of the box about what to do this summer. Creating a great summer calendar will help you drive more traffic to your center and create fun memories for your guests.



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