What “They” Don’t Tell You – Part 2

What “They” Don’t Tell You – Part 2

Krista Trietley-EstesKrista comes to TrainerTainment with a world of experience. She grew up in the family entertainment industry, worked most positions in the center, went off to college, and spent her early career developing and delivering training in the corporate world. She is an Arbonne entrepreneur and an enthusiastic sales representative for TrainerTainment. We are lucky to have her experience, insight, and commitment to others growth. I know you’ll enjoy this two-part series.

Plot Twist

Don’t you love those? If you remember part one from last week, you’ll know I’m sharing the story of my ideal internship during my final year of college – lake views and shopping all day with image consultant extraordinaire Linda Thomas!

Day one. Walk in. Sit down. Super excited. Huge smile on my face. I ask, “When is our first shopping client?” Linda replied, “Today and I really want you to pay attention and see how you like it. Really think through how the day goes and we will talk about how you feel afterward, okay?”

In my head I was thinking, “Of course I am going to love this. I was born to do this. I am going to knock your socks off!”  I’m sure I was about to squeal with delight and excitement.

The Appointment

It’s 10am and we are headed to one of my favorite department stores in one of my favorite areas of Dallas. I felt so important. All the employees knew Linda. We got to go in the back where all the stylists went. We even had stylists there to assist if needed. This was a very important client.

As the day progresses, I remember Linda’s words. I was to “pay attention to how I felt during the appointment and see how it goes.” What I notice is two hours had passed and the client hadn’t selected anything we chose for her. I also notice the client isn’t particularly pleasant. I fight the negative feelings that were creeping in. Maybe she’s having a rough day. I’m hopeful the next few hours will be more exciting.

Those hours pass slowly as we add three shoe people and two additional stylists to the mix to try to make the client happy. The dressing room looks like we pulled the entire department store in it and flipped it on its head. I’m feeling exhausted, not empowered, and the morning’s enthusiasm is waning.

Realism Meets Enthusiasm

The client left with one dress and one blouse. Eight hours for a dress and a blouse that I’m not sure she even really liked. I wanted to change lives with clothing. I wanted to show people what great looks like. I wanted to work with people who were open to learning and who wanted and needed help. This appointment was not that! My mind was racing. What did I get myself into? How will I possibly be able to do another 392 hours of this? I remember wondering if this was really what I want to do with my life. Uh-oh. I have no other path. OMG!


As we get into the car, Linda asks, “So, tell me. How do you think that went?”  It’s my first day. I can’t show her my crazy! I reply, “It was an experience.”  “An experience,” she says. “Tell me more.”

So, I just let her in. I tell her exactly what was going on in my head. At this point, I’m thinking she isn’t going to want to ride with crazy all the way back to Lake Dallas. Since Lyft wasn’t a thing in 2009, I figured I might have to walk back or call my husband for a ride. Plus, now I’ll have to find another internship. How could I spend 392 more hours in that kind of misery?

After I get it all out, Linda smiled and said. “Great. I am really glad those are your thoughts.” To say I was stunned at her response would be an understatement. She then said, “Trips like these are rare in my business and I, like you, want to inspire people. I want to work with people who are open to learning. I want to help them learn about the messages they send with their clothes. I want to teach people what to wear and how to wear it. How to create a positive impression from the time a person walks into a room. That is what I really do. I am a speaker. I speak to groups all over, some small and some large, and that is also what I want you to do. Your first gig is in three days. Don’t worry. You can do this. I’ll be with you every step of the way. We will speak together on the four generations in the workplace. You will be the Gen Y because that is who you are and I am a Baby Boomer. You’ll need to study over the next couple of days. I have the bullet points for you to cover and I know you will be amazing. I wouldn’t have hired you if I didn’t think you could do it.”

I am pretty sure my eyes were really big. I had never done true public speaking, but I had no other choice. I wanted to learn from her, I trusted her, and I decided I was in this thing. This was my summer internship. I could do it.

The Moment of Truth

Thursday came. I had studied hard. This was the first of many presentations I did with Linda over the course of my internship. She hired me in the fall of 2009 and we continued our joint seminars through 2010 until I graduated and landed my dream corporate job as a trainer with a large retailer.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Many of my friends who chose 400 hour internships in New York, LA, and downtown Dallas didn’t land dream jobs. I say this not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you how important it is to appreciate your current season. You never know what the next season may hold.

The Moral of the Story

“They” (those on the outside who tell you to go to college), should also be telling you about hands on training. Working side by side with someone makes all the difference.

An internship with any job can be one of the most valuable things you do for not only your career but for yourself. The time I spent with Linda, every time, was mentorship and real-life experience. There’s no amount of money or time that could match the value of those 400 hours. I would have worked 10,000 hours for free with her. Being trained by the expert on the thing you want to do is very valuable.

Once you get that training, pay it forward. Find someone to train who is open, wants to grow and learn, and works hard. If I hadn’t had the mentorship of someone who would stand side by side with me, show me the way, believe in me, take me through a fail experience, and then show me a win experience, I doubt I would be here today working for TrainerTainment.

That 400 hour internship changed the trajectory of my life. When I came back to school the next semester, I was a totally different person. I had a tough professor and even she asked, “What happened to you?” I was so different others noticed.

Linda believed in me at a level I had not experienced before. I had someone other than my parents telling me I was great. Linda helped me believe I could do more and be more than I thought. She helped me out of the goodness of her heart. She was always ready to share the spotlight not just with me, but with everyone. I will continue her legacy.

I encourage you to visualize your dream job. Work with someone already in that job. Take others with you. Decide that whether not a leader has your back, your peers are

What “They” Don’t Tell You – Part 1

What “They” Don’t Tell You – Part 1

Krista Trietley-EstesKrista comes to TrainerTainment with a world of experience. She grew up in the family entertainment industry, worked most positions in the center, went off to college, and spent her early career developing and delivering training in the corporate world. She is an Arbonne entrepreneur and an enthusiastic sales representative for TrainerTainment. We are lucky to have her experience, insight, and commitment to others growth. I know you’ll enjoy this two-part series.

Go to college, they say

Get your basics, pick a major, change your major a couple of times, and when you graduate, get your first real job. What they don’t tell you is that it’s quite likely that when you graduate from college, your first job will not be the dream job you thought the degree was going to bring.

I’m more than a decade beyond college and now know most people will not get their dream job. You must work your way up the ladder. Not every leader is going to have your back. Not every ladder will be worth the climb. Not every encounter with peers is going to be pleasant. But, if you can stick it out and remember where you want to go, it is possible to get to where you want to be.

A 400 Hour Internship

In college, we were required to do a 400 hour internship. I was in a Fashion program and many of my friends were dashing off to New York and LA or working in downtown Dallas. Many of them were getting paid for their internship.

I spent the summer of 2009 in the heart of Lake Dallas. Google it. You’ll find a small town, with a population of maybe 700 people and one stop light. If you blink, you miss the entire place. I was in the heart of Lake Dallas and my heart is there still.

From a young age, I was taught to find something you love to do and figure out a way to make a living doing it. Mom and Dad said you’ll never have to work a day of your life when you love what you do.

I Love Shopping!

I loved shopping. I loved dressing people. I truly have a gift for this type of thing, and I decided I would love being an image consultant. My plan for internship was to find a local image consultant who would take me on as their intern and teach me the tools of the trade. One problem. Finding image consultants who were local was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Finally, I found a consultant in LA who referred me a local – Linda Thomas.

When I found out Linda was in Lake Dallas, I was completely inspired. I had wonderful romanticized ideas of working in an office overlooking a lake after shopping all day long with our amazing clients. I quickly picked up the phone to call her.

The Call

Ring. Ring. Ring. No answer. I left a message.

“Hello, this is Krista Estes, I calling to talk with you about the possibility of being a free intern for you over the summer. If you could give me a call back, I would really appreciate it.”

When Linda’s husband Carl tells this story today, he says the “free” part is what hooked him. Linda says it was my eye contact at our first meeting. We all have different things that hook us, I guess. Whichever it was, the word “free” or my spot-on eye contact, I got the internship. I was on my way to lake views and shopping.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story…And call or email me right away to help you grow, using our training and coaching programs. And if you want a little advice on your next outfit, I’m up for that as well!

Culture is Defined by Design or Default

Culture is Defined by Design or Default

I just finished a terrific re-read by Dr. Marilee G. Adams. She’s authored a book titled, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life. There were many things that caught my attention as I listened to words penned by Dr. Adams. However, the title of this article today made me take particular note. I’ve always understood in a headway that the culture at a center is there, whether it’s stated or not. Adams says it perfectly and in a way that gets it out of my head and, hopefully, into your heart. “Culture is defined by design or default.”

Culture is about what you believe in… at your core. We like to say it’s built from what you value. When we help companies in our business coaching program, the first thing we do is work on understanding what the core values of an organization really are. We don’t subscribe to the corporatey, jargony, mumbo-jumbo that mission statements can be made of, but rather the “real” stuff that drives you and your organization – the stuff people remember and hold on to when they make decisions about what to do in the moment.

Add that to your purpose, your why of being, and you have your culture. You don’t have to try to do culture. It’s built-in. It’s part of the fabric that makes you, your business, your job, your family, your relationships, the way they are. Here’s an example. If, at your core, you have a value that says, “I don’t steal things,” then you never steal things. You don’t have to try not to steal. Maybe you call that honesty. I honestly think honesty should be a RULE of the GAME. It is one of those values that may not need to be stated but assumed.

At TrainerTainment, we coach clients on a daily basis. Coaching is a lot like selling. Session by session we are working on buy-in from the team. We are teaching “plays” that help leaders and salespeople win. We are providing practice and new strategies that strengthen the team.

Here’s what I mean. We have designed or adopted selling and business systems we believe. We believe so strongly in those systems because we live them every day. We see the successes internally with our own team and externally with the teams we serve. So, of course, when we are looking for people to work with, we primarily focus on clients that share our core values.

I’ve been in business for almost 15 years. Certainly, there were years, many years, we had a “default culture.” It was not stated. I was not able to get it out of my head. As the business owner, my ego and pride make me feel like that “default culture” wasn’t so bad.

In the spirit of vulnerability, I’ll tell you having a culture that is truly designed, defined, stated, and the filter for everything from hiring and training to firing is a much better, more confident way to run the business. Oh, and it helps us experience a heck of a lot more success both for us and those we serve.

You have a culture at your center and in your life. What is it? If you are not getting what you want from your business, then my question would be, “Why not?” If you are on track, do you know why? Does your team understand your vision or have you stumbled your way into victory because you have a great team that is lined up with your values by default? What happens when those team members move on?

If you’ve ever worked on a team or been part of a winning project that seemed like so much fun you could work all the time, then you were part of a culture where the people on the team shared one another’s values…stated or not.

Wouldn’t it be great to design on purpose that winning experience – all the time? I know it sounds like a sales pitch, but I would love to help you with this. It’s an amazing shift for your thinking and your quality of life. If you believe in having fun, being in service to others, intentionally learning, high performance, and taking initiative, we would be in a good position to work with one another. At TrainerTainment, we are pretty obsessed with helping teams grow because we know healthy teams grow their business. If you believe we can help you, schedule a growth call.

Celebrating Successes

Celebrating Successes

Good morning! Can you believe it’s the last day of 2019? And the decade? As we count down the minutes until 2020, we’d like for you to read this great article by Marlies McKie on celebrating successes and think of how you will celebrate them, however small or large with your team! It’s the end of a decade! Time to celebrate!

At 6:36 AM, 12/20/19, Boeing launched its Starliner Atlas-V rocket from Cape Canaveral, FL, into orbit. This was an unmanned spacecraft with the mission to dock with the International Space Station the next day. If this mission goes well, the next flight will be with astronauts on board.

There were two control centers, one in Cape Canaveral and one in Houston, monitoring all phases that moved the spacecraft from the launch pad into orbit. The minutes from the countdown to the liftoff until the craft enters orbit and can fly on its own is always the most exciting and tense time. This is when most things can go wrong. A slight oversight or mistake during preparations can have fatal impacts during or after the launch.

The tension in the control centers is at its peak. There is total silence, everyone is staring at their monitors and nervously watching the controls. Every 30 seconds or so, the spokesperson from the control center makes a brief comment about the progress. “One minute until booster separation.” And again, “Thirty seconds until booster separation.” Then, “Booster separation is complete.” And so it goes until the spacecraft is in orbit. For space exploration and StarTrek fans like me, it’s like watching a thriller unfolding with all its excitement.

Finally, the speaker announces, “Starliner has reached orbit and all controls are online and functional as planned.” That’s when the control centers explode with cheering. People jump out of their chairs hugging each other for a job well done. You can feel the loads falling off their shoulders. The relief is obvious and we can only imagine what the pressure must have been for the team to get to this point. Sacrifices of sleep and family time were made for the sake of this mission.

Seeing them celebrate their success made me wonder if we’re taking enough time to celebrate our successes. How often do we master challenges and feel really good about it? How often do we make personal sacrifices for the good of our team and projects to reach a goal? How many times did we create success and not share it with the team?

Successes don’t have to be as huge as a rocket launch to be worth celebrating. Any success that impacts the team and the progress of the company should be celebrated. Teams are happier and more invested when they share and celebrate their hard work. Celebrating successes is a huge morale booster and motivator for any team.

Are you celebrating your successes enough with your team?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday!

As we prepare our homes for Thanksgiving, here at TrainerTainment we are so grateful for you, your loyalty and trusting us to help your businesses grow. Our team is beyond grateful and we wanted to share their gratitudes with you.

Stay tuned next week for our 12 Days of Christmas Promotion. Daily deals starting on Cyber Monday!

What are you grateful for?

Beth Standlee

Beth Standlee

I am thankful that my husband continues to thrive through all the cancer trials. I am thankful my children have found their way in the world. I am eternally grateful for friends, team members, colleagues, and clients that make life more meaningful and fun on a daily basis. I’m thankful that I finally got my first book published. I’m thankful for a loving God who allows peace in times of chaos. Finally, I’m so grateful that even in Nancy Starr’s passing, she is part of me forever.

Mary Southwick

I’m thankful for family, friends, and vacation so I can get recharged. I am also thankful for my little town of Comfort where you can always count on your neighbors in times of need.

Kim Wheeler

I am thankful every day for my family and friends, and each new day I get to share with them. I am also thankful for coffee, because without coffee my family and friends may not want to spend each day with me. 🙂

Laura O’Neal

I’m so thankful on every level for my daughter Sarah. I love my coaching clients and am honored to be a small part of their story. I’m thankful to have a job that makes a difference.

Vivian Conterio

I am so blessed that every day I get to go to work for a company that truly believes in the value of each other. That practices their core values every day. We aren’t always perfect, but we all give it 100%. Personally, I have so many things to be thankful for. My wonderful family, our health, and moving to our new house on Thanksgiving Day. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

J Brock

I am grateful for my family at home and all we do for each other. And being part of my Trainertainment family, and that we get to do what we do on a daily basis.

Barbara Flynn

I am thankful to have Beth in my life (both personally and professionally). I am thankful for good health, a loving family, loving friends and for my faith. With Him I can do all things 🙂

Candi Kelley

I think it would be easier to ask what I am not thankful for. I am thankful for family and friends that continue to love me and for saying yes to a new professional challenge and joining the TTT team.

Robin Marshal

I am grateful for my children and the beautiful young people they are growing into. I am thankful for this great opportunity to work with such an amazing group of team members that work so hard to make a difference! True blessing there. I am also thankful for being a part of making a difference in others’ live at any level it maybe be!

Marlies McKie

This year, I am grateful for working alongside our team, all the new things I’ve learned, and the opportunities I’ve been given. I am grateful for many happy clients who are pleased with our training, coaching and hiring services. I am grateful for the guidance we receive and for the vision that is shared with us, which enables us to position ourselves for an even better 2020!

Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential

teammemberimageBeth’s note: Robin Marshall joined the TrainerTainment coaching team early in 2019. Her spirit is inspiring. Patrick L, in The Ideal Team player, talks about looking for people who are hungry, humble, and smart. Robin exudes these qualities as you can see by her blog below.

We have a very exciting opportunity, in that, Robin attained John Maxwell leadership certification this year which gives us the opportunity to offer some very exciting leadership training during the New Year.

I often wondered if I’m realizing my full potential. I “do” many things. However, I sometimes question my confidence in my real capability. Most of the time I think I can do anything if I just try hard enough. I’m a good learner, and I believe I can make things happen. What I have discovered, though, is I don’t know if I’m recognizing my own untapped potential. I don’t know if I’m looking at my desires and my potential or if I’m only committed to doing things that are asked of me.

In the past, I had the experience of working at a dream job where I was using a lot of my strengths. It didn’t feel like work at all. In my dream job situation, it always felt easy, and fun, and I was full of energy and unleashed potential. As time passed though, an opportunity came about and I went for a different position knowing I wouldn’t have to travel as much away from my family. However, several people, including my husband, asked if I thought this was the best fit and if I could do it. I went straight to, “Yes, I can do anything I set my mind to. I just have to learn the job.”

There’s a big difference in what to think about a thing compared to how to think about making these kinds of decisions. The “what” included logic and my past ability to set my mind to something, learn the job, and do it. If I had focused on “how” to think about the situation I might have stepped back and included using the strength of my intuition, laced with the logic of “yes” I can do anything I set my mind to and considered, do I really want to do that job? Would that job really tap into my desired potential? Instead, I put my feet to the grindstone and after 6 months figured “I got this”.

However, I also got a ton of stress. I didn’t feel like I or the business was creating value or realizing the potential of what could be done for the customer. I was always in a panic, and the work felt like a 1000lb weight every day. The day I had an actual panic attack was the day I knew something had to change.

All I could think was, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I do this? Why is everything so heavy? I’ve got this and I should be very well-versed in all these tasks by now. However, once I felt a mistake coming or something went wrong, I panicked and couldn’t move! I wanted to jump out of my skin and hide under the desk. My energy was constantly being drained and I had nothing to offer anyone. There was no room for potential. I was tapped! Then it hit me…it’s hard to see the picture when YOU are in the frame. I needed help.

I reached out to a coach for guidance. She helped open my eyes to a new world. My coach asked great questions and dug in about what I thought was stopping me from growing. She helped me increase my awareness, and discover who I was again. She took the time to process with me and asked the questions that made clear the answers that were already inside. We worked together through the following steps and it helped me know I was not in the right position:

  • Reality – What is really going on? What has stopped me from reaching my full potential?
  • Options – What are my options? What can I do?
  • What else can I do to continue to learn who I am and become who I want to be?

This process was uplifting and over time showed me I could live a purpose-filled life if I chose to. I could now unlock my untapped potential to work with people, be with people, value people, and be a guide to help each person find their own untapped potentials and skill sets.

I got clear that people must be a part of both my professional and personal life. I get my energy from others. I perform well in a crowd and being a coach/trainer/speaker is what I have to offer the world today.

You see, making a difference in the lives of others is where I want to be in order to give all of me. Now that I have made that discovery, I can move forward, step out of my current situation, and seek options that utilize my strengths to help others grow.

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