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Cruising Right Along!

167     I’m Shipping out on Monday for 5 days in the Caribbean sun. I’m looking forward to sleeping as late as I      want (that probably means all the way to 7:30 a.m.)! I plan to exercise, gamble, go to art actions, drink some margaritas, learn to salsa and make salsa, and hopefully find some news things that make birthday parties great. (Of course this is a business trip! I’m obligated to do “entertainment” research, right?)

Seriously, I’m paying close attention to all those things that I do, that get in the way of all the things I mean to do. You know what I mean? I encourage you to make a list or at least become aware of what happens on those days that you look up and wonder, “what the heck did I do today”! You felt busy but hardly anything is checked off your list.

I don’t think it’s possible to get beyond the cruising stage if you don’t have some sort of map that lays out what the journey really is. I have a set of great questions, compliments of my “CEO Brain Trust Group” that set the stage for reflection and planning for the new year. We also use a Goals Grid that ask you to simply state the 3 primary goals this year for your work, health, and personal life. It’s not too much to stop and complete this exercise. It could be the most significant 30-45 minutes you spend this week.

Click here to download your copy. If you are brave enough to make commitments or need to declare them publicly then click the blog link below and share away.

As always, I’m so pleased that you take the time to stop in and read our newsletter. We have so much happening this year. We’ve got an AMAZING Bowling Promotion that I can’t wait to release. We participated in a TX BPA education event this week in Houston and gave them a sneak peak. If their reaction is any indication about how this promotion will work… Well let’s just say, I’m pretty darned excited! We will release this product in San Antonio at the BPAA Bowling Summit.



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