charles-sleicher-the-juarez-flea-market-juarez-mercado-mazatlan-mexicoWhat if you needed to have the mindset that each day when you showed up to work, the majority of the income you receive would be based SOLELY on what you could sell that day?

What would you do different today than you did yesterday? How would you present yourself? Would you change your approach? Do you think it is possible that you might see opportunity where none existed the day before?

If you read the newsletter last week you know that I had the pleasure to go on a cruise to Mexico.  We stopped at Progresso and Cozumel. In Cozumel, we took a cab ride with another couple around the island. During our tour we had 3 great beach stops. We also had wonderful conversation with the driver.

The couple we traveled with was sweet and elderly. The lady kept shouting interesting questions from the back. I don’t know if she thought that the louder and slower she spoke the more Miguel would understand her. Miguel spoke perfectly good English!

Her best question of the day was, “WHAT – IS – THE – MINIMUM – WAGE”?  (see what I mean?) Anyway, the question required a little interpretation, not because of the language but because of the concept. I don’t think they have a minimum wage the way we think of it here in the United States.  I was stunned at the answer which made me think of the title for newsletter this week. Miguel shared that a “good” average wage in Cozumel was about $24 per 8-10 hour day.

No wonder EVERY shop owner reaches out and says, “hey lady, come see my jewelry, or pottery, or whatever they were selling.” And truthfully, it was more about me having something nice for me or for someone at home. I love the fact that no one ever seemed to pass up an opportunity to sell. AND no one was shouting out prices. It made me think about the fact that we think that a good promotion has to be price driven. NO ONE said 50% off. I will admit though that if it looked like I wasn’t going to buy, they were quick to “make me a deal.”

I’m reminded every time I go to Mexico that “closing” is an absolute art in this country. And now I understand the motivation. Think about it, if $24 per day is your base and you have the best job in the city, then you have to be excellent. There’s no room for failure.

I bet, (and I’m a betting woman) that if you were uncomfortable “closing”yesterday and today you found out that you could ONLY make your normal salary when you closed 5 birthday parties then you would be much sharper than the day before.

We have this GREAT closing question in our birthday scripts, and it goes something like this… (once you’ve connected with the guest, then qualified the details of the party, and finally described the products) we ask you to say, “of these 3 packages which do you think Timmy and his friends would like the most?” This is typically a difficult question in the beginning. People worry about being pushy.

BUT if your life (livelihood) depends on it, then it becomes your favorite question. This is the difference between “selling” a party and just telling about your packages.

Well I’m preaching now. I just get so excited when I see the genuine enthusiasm of those that are selling their wares. I admire their tenacity. They are usually very kind and fun. YES I bought some souvenirs! YES I probably paid too much. AND some of those folks made a little more than $24 on the day I passed through Cozumel!

If you need help learning to “sell like your life depends on it” I hope you’ll call us today.  817.886.4840.

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