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Are You the Right Person in the Right Job?

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Yesterday, I was listening to a talk show as I was driving my car and I heard someone say, “Love what you do when you are doing it and it will show in the work you do.” It’s funny how messages get reinforced.  Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this subject and found it interesting I heard this on this particular day. So, I decided to share my thoughts with you on the subject.

Know your passions.

Do you have a passion for what you do? Have you ever thought about your values (what’s most important to you)? Do you know what your employer’s values are? Are they aligned with each other? I guess the most important question is, “Do you look forward to going to work each day?”

These are important questions to be asking yourself. You see, when we love what we do and we have the same values as the company we work for and the people we work with, the pieces come together. We are happy, our managers are happy, and most importantly our customers are happy. Without happy customers, ultimately, we do not have a job. Why? Customers stop spending money and without that revenue, payroll can’t be met and we no longer have our job.

You may be asking, “Okay, so, how does that apply to me? I challenge each of you to take a serious look at who you are. What do you value most in life? A lot of you are just starting out in your job careers. Some of you may be further along or approaching the end of your careers. For everyone, it’s not too late.

Set values & goals.

I encourage all of you to seriously look at this and write down what is most important to you (your values). Set goals so you can live according to your values and decide how you are going to accomplish those goals. This will place you in the right place to find that right job for you. I guarantee once you begin this process, you will find yourself being the right person in the right job….and it may not be the job you are currently in! That’s okay. Find what’s right for you and, in turn, will be right for your employer.

The lesson I learned early on is great. Love what you do, and always have the same values as the employers/organizations you provide services to, and you’ll never dread the work. I don’t get up in the morning wishing I could stay home because I look forward to my day every day. It’s who I am and is part of my life. I always say, “I work hard so that I can play hard.” Because I love what I do, work has become a part of me, like an adventure I may take, a sporting event I may attend, or a night out at the movies.

Are you the right person in the right job?



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