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What I Learned from my Summer Vacation

Family Vacation



  1. Countries in Europe are like states in America (size wise). I had the amazing opportunity to visit 8 countries in about 14 days! England, Holland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Germany, & Denmark. Every place was incredible!
  2. A world perspective is a good thing. We had the opportunity to interact with our tour guides who had a great deal of knowledge and pride of their home. It was very cool to hear from them.
  3. I like the ballet! Who knew? Of course it would have been difficult to not like the ballet in Russia. We saw Swan Lake in the front row of an intimate theater in the Hermitage. It was Catherine the Great’s private theater!
  4. The throne room in any castle is super cool! I admit that I imagined myself seated in each one.
  5. I must read a biography of Catherine the Great. She was way ahead of her time with women’s rights and quite the cougar!
  6. I love Swedish meatballs-especially in Sweden!
  7. Bike riding in Copenhagen is awesome and dangerous. I’m grateful that I did not take out a pedestrian or get run over by a cab. And for the record, (3) is the most difficult gear for pedaling. I didn’t learn that until the end of the ride. My thighs are still a little sore.
  8. My daughter is wonderful. I already knew that, but she upped her wonderful card by purchasing private tours for us with local guides. It was incredible to experience the cities through the perspective of locals who love their homes.
  9. Celebrity Cruise Line is spectacular. The service, the food, the staff, and the cleanliness. The ship itself was (by far) the nicest I’ve ever experienced.
  10. I love art and artists. We took this vacation in part because we were invited guests of Park West Art Gallery. The event included meeting 4 artists over the 12 days, and having the opportunity to rub elbows with them. Park West has an incredible marketing model that I admire and appreciate. Thank you Selena, Jason, Morrie, and the crew.

Finally, I learned that I really like vacationing with my family. Jerry, my husband, Leslie, our oldest daughter, Kendel, my husband’s brother and I all had a great time with one another.

My commitment to work during this time was to keep up with email. I also put about 5 or 6 little project things on the list, and I didn’t do any of them. SHOCKING really. I had a melt-down about not doing those things on the last day of the cruise. My wise daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, why did you put work stuff on the list for your vacation? If you had not put those things on the list you would not be feeling this way.” In a moment, I knew she was right.

For me there is a giant lesson. For all of us who get so much joy and satisfaction from work, there is another side of life that is GRAND. I’m pleased to have discovered that time away is wonderful. I’ve read about it. I understand the concept of renewal. Now that I’ve taken the time to do it, I’m a believer!

I don’t know that I’ll take as many days off in a row as I did this time, but I do know that once a quarter I’m going to go somewhere with people I love and not work. 🙂



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