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Tips & Best Practices for Family Entertainment Centers


I was sitting in church today and noticed that even my church has a scorecard. Over the last year, I have taken a new step toward accountability within my company. All of our sales team and many of our team members in management have a scorecard. This scorecard helps all of us stay accountable. At church it helps us celebrate the success we have as a community. At work it helps us celebrate the success we have as a team.



A little over a year ago my friend, Beth Standlee of Trainertainment, really put my focus on setting up our team scorecards. We have been seeing great success by using them. The secret of the scorecard is tied to accountability. The employee is given a metric that they own. As an owner, I know that metric is tied to their success and if they achieve that score, they will be performing well.

Once you have a scorecard, you must monitor it, just like that big scoreboard at your favorite sporting event. At my church, they post their scorecard in the church bulletin each week. It brings awareness to goals and keeps us all checking the score.

Every Monday in my company we look at our scorecard for the previous week. We address any deficiencies in our score and celebrate all our wins. One of the most important conversations during that meeting is the challenges we are experiencing as we work toward that perfect score. We discuss the challenges and look for ways we can improve our company and our team.

Now’s the time to setup your team scorecard. What is a metric you know makes a particular team member successful at their job? Is it the number of facility tours made by your sales rep or perhaps food cost in your F&B operation? Take those numbers and start tracking your progress. I guarantee as you track these numbers and hold yourself and your team accountable, you will see an increase in the success of your business. Growing your business is within your reach, just take the time to keep score.


3cc1391Kyle Allison, from Andy Alligators in Norman, OK is a young man that I adore. One thing that I love about this business is that we get the opportunity to work with the best and brightest young people in the world.

Kyle is one of those guys. I met him in the early years of Trainertainment.  He was just out of college and working his way into the family business.

I knew he was an ideal customer in that he couldn’t learn enough. I know you’ll enjoy this young entrepreneur’s insight as he guest writes for our newsletter this week.




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