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Candi Kelley is the Chief Operating Officer at TrainerTainment. Her experience in the entertainment & hospitality industry includes restaurant expertise, franchisee development, operational leadership, and much more. Her passion for great guest experience, training, and building others is evident in her day-to-day focus on building and sharing products and services that help teams SOAR!

We are definitely in an unprecedented time. Even though things may feel scary and uncertain, opportunity and innovation are also possible. These possibilities are visible each and every day. Hopefully, we’ve used some of this time to analyze the type of business we want to be when we reopen (and we will reopen!). I personally am obsessed with guest service, so If you haven’t spent some time thinking about your customer service standards, it might be a good time to add that to your list NOW.

Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

Although Guest Service should be a top priority for every business, it sure seems to have gotten complicated. Businesses use terms like Client Relations, Service Recovery, Positive Scripting, etc. While these words represent fantastic customer service initiatives, the core concept of great guest service remains.

Guests/Customers want to be treated in a respectful, consistent manner. When I think of the best customer service providers, (Chick-fil-A, Southwest, IHG), the thing that comes most to mind is consistency. Not one of these brands does anything that is magical, fantastical, or amazing. However, what they do is consistently provide me with a great meal, travel accommodations, and experience. At times they make me feel a little special and they never fall below the basic promises they make to me, the guest!

Brands that accomplish this level of consistency build the trust needed to create loyal guests/customers. This type of fanatical consistency can be the foundation of your customer service experience. 87% of consumers believe that companies need to provide a more consistent customer experience. (Zendesk)

My challenge to you is to first layout the foundation of consistency. Look at your processes. Are they followed by all? Were they created with the guest in mind? What needs to be improved to ensure the type of service level measures up to your guest’s expectations and is delivered the same each and every time? Spend some energy to think about guest service from the consumer’s (not the business owner’s), perspective. Customers need to trust you will consistently deliver on your promises, rather than an occasional upgraded experience when it may be convenient for you.

Only 1% of customers feel that their expectations of customer service are always met. – RightNow

If you want to talk through your processes or simply have an additional perspective, feel free to reach out to

I am here. What do you need?

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Tired of Waiting? I know each of us is tired of waiting or worrying about what’s next. Uncertainty can cause a bit of insanity. My solution to the uncertain, is always to take some type of action. If you want to stop waiting, do something. As I thought about the things that might be worked on now in planning to re-open, PEOPLE ring first and foremost in my mind.

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