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Getting to Know TrainerTainment's Phil Showler

Over the past few years, the TrainerTainment team has grown leaps and bounds! Once a month we will get to know a TrainerTainment team member. First up is Phil Showler, Vice President of Sales. Phil joined the TrainerTainment team in June of 2016 and brought tons of industry experience. Phil has been an incredible asset to our team this past year, and we know he will be in the years to come! So without further ado, meet Phil Showler.


What do you enjoy most about working with our clients?

  • Knowing that our services can authentically help them grow their people, challenge themselves, and do so in a very personal way; truly being a coach.

How long have you been in the FEC industry and in what roles?

  • I have been in the FEC industry for 21 years, mostly involved in sales of capital equipment, then sales management, then being an advocate for education serving on ed committees and speaking at national shows and regional events.

What is the most significant thing you have learned working in the FEC industry?

  • Strip away all of the games, attractions, food, and what you have left are people! The “people business” is what I love about this and it’s what is behind the organizational structures and the reason they exist. It’s all about the people and people searching for stress relief and fellowship. It’s kinda like church!

Which of our core values resonate with you the most?

  • Being in service to one another is a passion for me. I love making someone’s day better than they thought it would be, whether through personal life coaching or a timely joke. I know if I can do that, it helps make whatever seems so overwhelming seem less overwhelming, even achievable. I’ve always tried to stick to the tried and true principle of doing unto others as I would like them to do unto me.

If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

  • My Bible, picture album of my family, and WATER!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

  • I would want an anti-sadness touch! Many people I encounter through my work and ministry deep down are sad, anxious, offended, angry, depressed, and we all cover it up well. Can you imagine if I were able to just walk down 42nd Ave of NYC and literally just touch thousands on the shoulder as I strolled by and BOOM, they’d be free of all of it? Maybe it’s not an anti-sadness touch, but more of a JOY touch!



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