Here’s the thing about TrainerTainment: we are a team. We are a virtual team. Everyone lives and works from their home in a different state or city. We know what it means to be a team (not just people who work together, or us and them, or leaders and staff). We have been a virtual team for almost 15 years. To that end, I’m going to share with you four tips that may help you if you’ve transitioned from the office to your home for work.

  1. TURN ON YOUR CAMERA – If you have always worked in an office, there are things you get out of that type of environment you don’t get virtually. The quick “Hi!” walking past a desk, the water cooler gossip or catch up, the morale builder from the quick “nice job on that report” when passing in the hall. When all of those “walk by” moments are gone, you must intentionally create interaction when you are a virtual workplace setting.
  2. Have face to face meetings and check-ins at least once a week (twice a week is even better). Use software such as Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Hang Outs, (some are at a greatly reduced price during quarantine or free depending on team size). Have Zoom lunches. Play Words With Friends with a glass of wine after work instead of happy hour. Or have a Zoom Happy Hour.
  3. CLEAR EXPECTATIONS – Make sure you are very clear about what work you are doing. If the boss hasn’t made it clear, then you take the step and ask. Don’t forget about priorities. You may need extra information and/or tools to get work done.
  4. CUT ‘EM SOME SLACK – Working from home sometimes means wearing all of your hats at the same time. If you receive an email or text that sounds short or rude, assume the BEST, not the worst. We are all in this together, so ASK what the person meant by the email or PICK UP THE PHONE and give them a call. For important information, have that Zoom call even if it is one-to-one so you can get more information through body language and expression.

Hang in there and certainly reach out to us if you need clarification or more assistance. We’d love to help!

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