Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”, and wondered how it applies to you? You don’t need this because you get along with everyone, right? Right…

Have you ever been in a room and heard someone say, “Oh, they are just acting that way because they are an owl” or, “Quit being such a peacock – it isn’t all about you!”

Well, maybe not in those exact words, but something to that effect, right? Perhaps, the words were a little more colorful…

Well, the truth is personalities’ “feathers” set us apart and group us together all at the same time. Yes. That is what I said. Personalities set us apart and group us together all at the same time – Birds of a Feather Flock Together. The wonderful truth is that we are all humans, created with all kinds of quirks and things that make us tick – and well, they just aren’t all the same, and sometimes, our differences cause confusion which can lead to miscommunication and frustration. In times of confusion and frustration, I have always been taught to get a little curious. So, I am hoping that you take that as a tool, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to understand why someone acts the way they do? Or learn how to best communicate with someone in the best of times and in the worst of times? Congratulations, I am going to help you get that 6th sense you have always wanted without the ghosts.

Here are some questions to ponder: How do you support or control others? How direct or indirect are you with information? Why is it that you can never decide on which direction the project should move in? Or when car shopping, why is it that you and your significant other are polar opposites when it comes to what to purchase? Are you all about organized chaos and that just drives your boss bananas?

Listen, we all have feathers – that is the good news. The bad news is: Not enough of us know how to use those feathers to flock together. So, where do we go from here? Well, you register for The Birds Workshop and find out what bird you are so you and your team can understand what part of the “V” they are in, in order to fly successfully and safely in the proper direction for the season ahead – together.

Make Virtual Work Your Real Work

Make Virtual Work Your Real Work


Here’s the thing about TrainerTainment: we are a team. We are a virtual team. Everyone lives and works from their home in a different state or city. We know what it means to be a team (not just people who work together, or us and them, or leaders and staff). We have been a virtual team for almost 15 years. To that end, I’m going to share with you four tips that may help you if you’ve transitioned from the office to your home for work.

  1. TURN ON YOUR CAMERA – If you have always worked in an office, there are things you get out of that type of environment you don’t get virtually. The quick “Hi!” walking past a desk, the water cooler gossip or catch up, the morale builder from the quick “nice job on that report” when passing in the hall. When all of those “walk by” moments are gone, you must intentionally create interaction when you are a virtual workplace setting.
  2. Have face to face meetings and check-ins at least once a week (twice a week is even better). Use software such as Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Hang Outs, (some are at a greatly reduced price during quarantine or free depending on team size). Have Zoom lunches. Play Words With Friends with a glass of wine after work instead of happy hour. Or have a Zoom Happy Hour.
  3. CLEAR EXPECTATIONS – Make sure you are very clear about what work you are doing. If the boss hasn’t made it clear, then you take the step and ask. Don’t forget about priorities. You may need extra information and/or tools to get work done.
  4. CUT ‘EM SOME SLACK – Working from home sometimes means wearing all of your hats at the same time. If you receive an email or text that sounds short or rude, assume the BEST, not the worst. We are all in this together, so ASK what the person meant by the email or PICK UP THE PHONE and give them a call. For important information, have that Zoom call even if it is one-to-one so you can get more information through body language and expression.

Hang in there and certainly reach out to us if you need clarification or more assistance. We’d love to help!

Krista Estes and Sonya Terry Join Our Growing Team of Sales Specialists

Krista Estes and Sonya Terry Join Our Growing Team of Sales Specialists

Krista Estes

TrainerTainment is pleased to announce that Krista Estes and Sonya Terry have joined the company as sales specialists.

Krista comes to TrainerTainment after eight years with Walmart as a talent manager and trainer in its Academy Operations training center. She is a third-generation amusement industry veteran, having started her career as a teenager working in her family’s Cowtown Bowling Palace in Fort Worth. Her father, Jay Trietley is a 40-year veteran of the bowling industry who taught her the essentials of customer service.

Krista was a competitive youth bowler and began her college studies on a scholarship from the Youth American Bowling Alliance. She graduated college with a B.S. in fashion merchandising from Texas Women’s University and a M.S. in organizational leadership from Northwood University.

Sonya Terry

Sonya Terry joins TrainerTainment after more than 16 years in the laser tag industry as a trainer, general manager and area manager in Texas for Leisure Entertainment Corporation of Canada. The company’s Laser Quest is one of the first manufacturers and operators of laser tag arenas. Sonya has extensive experience in training and motivating young, first-time workers in the amusement industry, which is one of TrainerTainment’s specialties.

Prior to Laser Quest Sonya worked for more than ten years in fashion retail, where her responsibilities including developing policies, procedures and best practices for Boot Town, a chain of 17 western wear stores.

“Krista and Sonya know from experience the training and operating practices that lead to the success of an amusement center,” says Beth Standlee, CEO of TrainerTainment. “They are also accomplished sales professionals who are ideally suited to helping our customers grow
their sales and service teams and make their businesses thrive.”

Trainertainment Welcomes Robin Marshall

Trainertainment Welcomes Robin Marshall

I’m very excited to announce Robin Marshall is joining the TrainerTainment coaching and training team. Robin’s experience in the bowling community sets her up as the kind of coach who inherently understands the needs of this market segment.

TrainerTainment has been very involved in the bowling world since the company started in 2005. We believe Robin’s perspective enhances our overall ability to help this specific community grow.

Robin exemplifies the TrainerTainment core values. She is an astute learner. If you spend any time at all with her you’ll “feel” how kind and in service to others she is. Her smile lets you know you are going to have fun if you’re engaged with Robin. Robin is a competitor, so you know she’s a high performer.

When you read her bio below, you’ll notice she states that her goal is “to serve people and help them grow to their full potential!” This is a statement Robin made to me during our interview. I knew then she would be a perfect fit. Robin has been working hard the last 30 days learning the TrainerTainment way. Some of you have met her already. Many of you know her. Please take time to welcome Robin to the TrainerTainment team and raise your hand now if you’d like to be coached by a world class human!


Beth Standlee
Founder & CEO


Robin Marshall has been in the bowling industry for more than two decades. In that time she has served as a USBC Regional Manager, conducting visits and presentations to both local and state associations providing education about current products and programs.

She served as the conduit between USBC and the local association volunteers. In addition, she has been a member of Team USA, a youth coach, and served on both local and state association boards for over ten years.

As a Team USA athlete, Robin served on the Single Membership Task Force that merged all bowling organizations into the United States Bowling Congress in 2005.

Her professional career has also included grassroots coalition building, strategic planning, program management at the local, state, and national level, and volunteer recruitment training. She has provided over 100 trainings/presentations at all levels and her goal is to serve people and help them grow to their full potential.

Don’t just talk about it, SOLVE it!

Don’t just talk about it, SOLVE it!

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. That’s what talking about problems does. Nothing. Okay, ALMOST nothing.

Talking about problems can help you “get stuff off your chest,” give you an emotional band-aid, and spread some good ole’ fashioned gossip around. But talking doesn’t solve anything. To solve it, and by “SOLVE,” we mean to solve it forever, you must do something. You must take action. You must change. So here are the three steps you need to take to SOLVE any problem. Yep, ANY problem.

Three quick steps to solve any problem.

  1. Identify the problem. What is the problem? Give some background of what happened and when. Be as specific as possible.
  2. Ask and answer the best questions. Don’t blow past this step and rush to a solution. How prevalent is the problem? Are we dealing with it every month? Week? Day? Who is involved in the problem? Same people every time or different? How long has this been going on? Has something happened that has caused this to happen? Did something stop happening that caused this to happen? Why now? Who oversees the people/area of the building/department where this problem is happening?Don’t skip this step! It is so easy to go from 1. Here is the problem to 3. Solving. But if you skip number 2, you won’t uncover what the TRUE problem is and guess what? When you don’t find out what the real issue is, you can’t solve it forever. You might find that a problem employee isn’t a problem at all. It’s a training issue. You might find out that the part that is missing is not missing at all. It never got ordered due to a very slack communication process. Ask questions. You can thank me later.
  3. Act to solve the problem forever. Decide what steps you will take now. For example, you determine that supplies aren’t getting ordered in a timely manner. Because you are no longer jumping to conclusions, you are asking all the right questions; you realize it isn’t because people are slackers, it’s because no one has intentionally been put in charge of ordering supplies. Next steps: 1. Decide who oversees ordering. Make sure to communicate that to them and get their buy-in. 2. Determine ordering procedure/budget/timetable. 3. Don’t wait for the next similar problem to find to you, decide now what other areas need intentional leadership and get those areas solved as soon as possible. Decide who owns the solution and be clear so they can be accountable.

The SPF Method

So, there you have it. Seems simple, 1,2,3, and done. It’s not that simple, but if you slow down and pay attention, you can solve things forever and quit worrying about the same problem over and over again. If you need help, call us.

Here’s our secret… We call this the SPF Method. Solve Problems Forever. It gives me peace to simply think about the concept!

If you really like Laura’s ideas join us on March, the 7th for the next TrainerTainment Webinar-Make Meetings Matter… you can see the SPF process in action!

Getting to Know TrainerTainment’s Laura O’Neal

What do you enjoy most about working with our clients?

Even though we are all in the entertainment industry, I appreciate the diversity of each client. In Social Media, each of our clients has a unique voice we try to capture when representing them. From a Business Coaching perspective, I love helping them unravel the complexities of their business and use their talents and individual strengths to take their businesses (for a lack of a better term) to the next level.

How long have you been in the FEC industry and in what roles?

I have ridden Beth’s coattails on this one. I’ve been a coach since the beginning of Trainertainment, as well as an outside trainer, business coach, and SMM manager for many of our clients proudly for 11 years.

What is the most significant thing you have learned working in the FEC industry?

Not to sound like a broken record, but I have learned the people in this industry are amazingly hard working, kind, fun, and did I mention hard working? To me, all the rest of it beyond the people can be taught or trained, but the backbone of this industry are its owners and staff.

Which of our core values resonates with you the most?

FUN. The reason I say that might be obvious, but for me, FUN isn’t always in the forefront. I have to work at it because we all work so hard and do so much. The greatest thing I get to ask myself is…”Wait, is this fun? If not, Beth would not approve.” How great is THAT????

If you could use technology to do one thing, what would it be and why?

I would use technology to obliterate technology. You think I’m kidding.

Would you rather explore a new planet or the deepest parts of the ocean? Why?

The ocean. I’m afraid of heights and fish are cool. What I really want to explore is the human brain. There is a movie about this and the name escapes me, but a little rocket ship goes inside a body and putters around. THAT would be an adventure that would be FUN and I would sign up for in an instant.

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