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You Gotta See It . . .

By Beth Standlee / February 9, 2010 / 0 Comments

BELIEVE IT! We have the opportunity to see so many entertainment facilities across this great country and even around the world once in a while. This week, in addition to being part of the greatest snow storm in the history of the Northeast, I got to work with an amazing team at a place called…

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Cold Call Blunders

By Beth Standlee / February 2, 2010 / 2 Comments

Cold calling can be one of the most difficult things when it comes to sales. I think that I’m a “Rock Star” sales woman, but honestly, if I had to spend the entire day cold calling, it might not be as easy to love what I do. In a way, it’s like gambling for me.…

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A Sales Campaign That Works

By Beth Standlee / January 27, 2010 / 5 Comments

It is so much fun to communicate the stuff that rattles around in my head. It’s even MORE fun when someone uses that information and has success when they implement a program (more on that at the end of the article). We have a great customer story to share with you this week. I know…

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We are in the PEOPLE Business – Are You?

By Beth Standlee / January 19, 2010 / 0 Comments

We are working on a terrific new project for one of our customers to help all of their frontline team members understand that they are salespeople. Selling can be such a hard concept for the front line to follow. In the opening documentation of this newly developed piece, Pam Weatherford, our curriculum developer, grabbed a…

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Best Promotion of the Year

By Beth Standlee / January 6, 2010 / 0 Comments

As I travel the country, I see lots of terrific promotions. I try to pay attention because I think it is difficult to come up with that irresistible promo that guarantees people will flood your front door. Last year, the BEST promotion I saw came at the end of the year, and I can’t wait…

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Sell More Than Ever In 2010

By Beth Standlee / December 22, 2009 / 2 Comments

I recently exchanged a “linked–In” message (yes, I am on linked–in, facebook, and twitter) with an old friend and we laughed about the decade mark of the new–year. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were worried about Y2K! I love this time of year. There’s a spirit of giving and a reflective sense of turning…

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Where Did 2009 Go?

By Beth Standlee / December 17, 2009 / 3 Comments

As the year draws to an end and the hustle of the holiday is upon us, I could not let the week go by without our weekly newsletter. I’ve missed my own deadline, so I’ll beg forgiveness up front for bad grammar and/or misspelling. Time goes so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Y2K was…

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Whose Job Is It Anyway

By Beth Standlee / December 9, 2009 / 2 Comments

Do You Want to Work?          Do You Need to Work? Choose One I’ve decided that these 2 questions need to be mandatory questions for every employee and for anyone who is interested in filling out a job application. My husband and I have just spent the last 4 days traveling the Washington, Oregon, and finally today…

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Expectations – Don’t Make Me Wait

By Beth Standlee / November 17, 2009 / 6 Comments

We live in a hurry up world. People can be rude, impetuous, quick, and impatient. These are thoughts that have loomed large on my mind this week as I slowly crawl, or limp, from one place to another. I had knee surgery a week ago and I thought that, miraculously, I would be back up…

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One Chance at a First Impression

By Beth Standlee / November 11, 2009 / 0 Comments

I attended my 30 year class reunion this past weekend. Because I was on the planning committee, you can bet we included a bowling event as one of the activities! You can view pictures on my Facebook page. You know those pictures are worth a 1000 words! I don’t live in Ft. Smith, AR, anymore,…

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