Do your personal values (how you run your life, treat your family, your view of “fairness,” creating work-life balance, listening, responding, maintaining your environment) match up to the life you lead at work? If not, why not?


This might be a wonderful time to reflect on your CORE VALUES. What do you value? Take time to think deeply. This is not an exercise about what you mean to value or think you should value. This exercise completed thoughtfully, will shine a light on the values you actually live now.


What is non-negotiable for you personally? What is your natural way of being when you are at your very best? Do your work processes line up with your personal values? If you are kind at home in the way you communicate with your friends and family, but are brash and intolerant at work, why the disconnect? If you keep a tidy home but your workplace is messy, what’s that about? Now is the time to connect your personal values and your business values. The world is changing minute by minute. Why not get in a position to be the best you that has ever been!


Here’s the point. The way you are is the way you are. How is that working for you? Now is a great time to ask these two questions:

  • Am I out of balance with who I really am or want to be professionally and personally?
  • Am I out of sync with who I truly want to be?

You have some time to take a deeper look right now. Use a paper and pen (not the computer). Paper and pen slow you down. Things look differently at a slower pace. Rather than rushing through at warp speed as you pound your thoughts out on the computer, write them out. I promise a little old school pen and paper will create the clarity you might not get if you rush through the thinking!


If you need some help figuring it out, give us a call. We want to offer you a free Business Tune-Up Assessment (live, confidential, online, of course, and FREE). Let us help you see where you are today (before the shut down), where you want to be, and where you might need some help.

Reach out to me to book time for a virtual assessment:

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