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A Little Woo-Woo for Today

By: Laura O’Neal – Business Coach Leader
TI feel like I’m the woo-woo person on the TrainerTainment team. If woo-woo isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this blog. 🙂

I say the blog is woo-woo because it’s about emotion. Touchy-feely stuff. I believe we are in a time of great emotion as we navigate through layoffs, shutdowns, pandemics, and more. My goal is to share a way to better connect to those emotions and use them and this time for growth.

I think it’s possible any external disconnection we might feel because we are physically disconnected from others may be exacerbated by the disconnection we feel internally. We may feel disconnected from ourselves at this time because we have never been in a time, place, or space like we are now.

To close the gap on that disconnection, I encourage you to take a few quiet minutes and answer the questions below. No one is going to grade your work. This is an exercise just for you. Think carefully about how you feel now and how you felt in the past as you delve into the thoughts below.

What does not having freedom mean to you?

What does being told what to do mean to you?

What does not having choice mean to you?

What does waiting mean to you?

This is not only a time to address business issues, but it is also a time to address things that might have been holding us back personally and professionally. It has been my observation as a business coach, that there are ZERO DEGREES OF SEPARATION between the business owner as a person and the business itself. As humans, owners, or team members, we bring who we are to every situation.

I hope you’ll spend time thinking and especially feeling your way through the questions above. If you need to reach out to a friend, online counselor, or your pastor to walk through each question, do so. You can certainly reach out to us as well. We’re pretty good listeners and ready to help.

Stay safe friends.


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