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Make Team Members Matter, Start Today

You've Got to Get Out of Your Head andYou’ve Got to Get Out of Your Head and Into Their Hearts. One of the most significant things I’ve learned as a business owner is that your team CANNOT read your mind.

As a business owner we have vision. We understand why we are willing to work until midnight and on weekends and holidays. It’s easy to overlook why you will risk it all. You believe that you are making a difference in the world.

Guy Kawasaki calls it “near obsession”.

We wonder why others might not see it as we do, and honestly, it is because you haven’t taken the time to get it out of your head and into the hearts of the people who serve the guests you are trying to take care of.

Help them understand why you do what you do. Tell them the story of why you are in business. Even if you are not the business owner you probably have a reason WHY you work for this company.

Tell your story. What do you stand for? Why do you show up every day? What do you mean to do?

I don’t care what job you have. If you don’t know why you are there… if you don’t know what difference you make in the world… if you don’t know that what you do matters… then you need to do something else. Remind your staff that they DO matter and they are part of your vision.

We just have this one life… this one chance. It needs to matter. Is what you do important? Do you matter? Does the world count on you showing up every day? We would love to hear from you. Click here and share with us on Facebook.



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