How Well Do You Really Know Beth?

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That’s the question – how well do you really know Beth Standlee, fearless leader of Trainertainment? If you are familiar with the company and a regular reader of this newsletter, then you most certainly know who she is. But do you really KNOW who Beth is? I thought I did, but recently I came to find out how little I knew about her real story.

You see, I have known and worked with Beth Standlee for over 15 years. I was head of marketing for a successful family entertainment franchisee when we met. We hired Trainertainment to help with our in-store sales team. She was engaging, friendly, and I felt immediately comfortable working with her. Our relationship grew over the years, and I considered her a friend, as well as a colleague.

When I left that company and began to do freelance content marketing writing, I reached out to Beth because I knew how adept she was at networking. Even though we had not worked together for a couple of years, I knew she would do everything in her power to help me succeed in selling my new company. Because that’s the kind of person she is. After chatting for a bit, she told me about this book she had written.

Wait – what?! A book? Yes, that’s right, Beth was in the process of publishing a book on sales training and the sales process titled “People Buy From People: How to Personally Connect in an Impersonal World”. This was the answer to my prayers. If anyone could guide me down the terrifying path of having to sell myself, it was Beth. So, I wrangled a pre-sale copy out of her, and I dove in.

That’s when I realized how little I knew about Beth Standlee, the person. You see, this book is more than a guide to mastering the sales process. It’s also the story of Beth’s journey from unwed, pregnant teen to founder and CEO of Trainertainment. I connected with her from the get-go as her story unfolded. She is honest and emotional about her struggles to get where she is today. She outlines her strategies and gives very clear steps on how to master the sales process by connecting with people and believing in how much you can help them, rather than how much money you can make. She makes you believe that you can be a success if you just get rid of the self-imposed limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

So, there you have it. Beth wrote a book. And if you want to be successful in what you do, I encourage you to get it and devour it. Because here’s the thing – we are all selling something every day. You don’t have to have “Sales” in your title to sell what you believe in. Heck, I successfully sold my nine-year-old on an earlier bedtime the other night by applying what I learned from her book.

I asked Beth if I could post about her book because I believe in it. If you are reading this newsletter, then you are probably someone that wants to improve your sales and marketing process. I encourage you to invest in “People Buy From People”.

I hope you find as much joy and satisfaction from reading it as I did.


April Smith

Owner, eContent Success



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