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People Buy From People (Book)


Beth knows the way, and her sales training method draws you along, telling you where each rock in the river is.

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Someone once said that when Beth Standlee talks about sales, it goes from black and white to color.That’s Beth. Her passion to help others never ends. Whether it’s five people or five thousand, she has‘em in her hand. You can’t say no to that passion. And she believes deeply that you can have it, too. Beth’s debut book, “People Buy From People: How to Personally Connect in an Impersonal World” is about more than sales training and the art of selling. It’s about embracing your passion to succeed and overcoming fears that are holding you back from becoming a successful sales professional. Beth outlines her step-by-step sales process in a way that communicates the value of what you are selling and instills the belief that a great sales career is really about your ability to help others.

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