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A Glimpse into the Culture of People Who Serve Others with Cancer

A Glimpse into the Culture of People Who Serve Others with Cancer

I think almost everyone has been touched or will be touched by cancer in some way. Those who work at MD Anderson in Houston, TX live with it every day. I have the privilege of benefiting from that amazing culture.

My husband is unique in the fact that he continues to trip over recurring non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was Mr. Grade School back in the day and so, of course, he gets to be Mr. “I can’t quite get rid of cancer” today. Fortunately, there is this Disney World of cancer care called MD Anderson.

JD and I spent the last week enjoying the care of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, janitors, baristas, cafeteria workers, students, and… and… and… at the MD Anderson campus. To a person, every single team member showed up in a caring way. It was unbelievable. Many times JD and I were walking from one hall or skyway to the next. Often we were confused or even lost. However, we never spent more than 30 seconds wondering if we were going the right way because someone would stop and say, “May I help you?”

Culture defines how people behave. Culture dictates the choices people make. Culture creates a consistent expression of the collective values people share in an organization where culture and values matter more than profit.

You may think it’s easier with a place like MD Anderson but I don’t. I’ll bet they don’t let anyone come to work for them. I think they know what it means to be employed at their campus and if you don’t meet their criteria, you don’t get to work with them.

I wish every Family Entertainment Center would decide what it means to work in your facility. I wish people weren’t disposable. I wish we got it that young people who take a first job MUST learn about being in the work force. I wish you wouldn’t hire people who only have breath and transportation.

I think the job at a Family Entertainment Center is extremely important. If you decide what you want your culture to be and what your values are and you get stubborn about NOT letting people who don’t meet your standard work for you, I think you could be a ton happier. I think your guests would be happier. I think the people who work on your team could be proud of what they do serving others.

Culture matters. Your values matter. Hire people who believe what you believe and you’ll increase the experience of your guests, your team members, yourself, and your profits!



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  1. Sherry Howell on October 25, 2018 at 11:55 am

    I’m so sorry you and your family have to go through this again. Prayers for another victory.

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