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Someone asked me recently why I thought people do business with TrainerTainment. My knee-jerk reaction was to answer, “Because they love us!” I thought a minute more and then gave the real reason why people engage with us and us with them. We are both obsessed with getting  RESULTS.

In the last 13 years, I don’t think anyone has ever bought a training guide, held an onsite training event, or joined a coaching program who did not insist on some return on their investment. In fact, I have encouraged people NOT to engage because they weren’t ready to do the work.

The top five results that strike me the most are:

Business operators want to become business owners.

They know deep down they could run their business more profitably. They know they could have more free time. They know they need better processes. They know they need to have better training and sometimes better people to train. They KNOW they don’t have all the answers and they need a little help. I don’t believe TrainerTainment has all the answers. However, we’ve had the great fortune to work with hundreds of business owners and can leverage that experience to help others along the way. Business operators who want to be owners value that leverage and engage with us as soon as possible.

We help convert order takers and reservationists into professional salespeople.

Most family entertainment centers can answer the phone and book some incoming events. However, many owners and managers understand they have an unfulfilled need to develop new business, they need to learn to upsell, and they somehow know they may need to do a better job leveraging the massive impact group and party business has on the overall center business. Those who engage with TrainerTainment come to realize they don’t necessarily have the skill or the bandwidth to coach and lead a sales team. TrainerTainment has an elite group of coaches who are obsessed with having the BEST sales teams across the world!

Managers transition from their supervisor roles into leaders.

There is a big difference between a manager who gets through the day and a leader who inspires others to provide service at such a high-level, guests are banging the door down to get back in. A leader understands the internal guest is the team member who needs to be served, coached, and trained on an ongoing A leader gets it that teaching is not a one-time event. A leader is motivated by seeing the business and its people thrive. Management is for survivors. Leadership is for those who want to thrive. (I think thriving is more fun – and I’m pretty obsessed with fun.) An engagement with TrainerTainment is a sure way to transform your managers into leaders.

A new business wants to realize the dream of opening an FEC.

Many newbies in the Family Entertainment Market are excited about opening an FEC. Along with that excitement comes the stress and possible terror of “What the heck have I gotten myself into?” It’s this very reason we decided to create many of the processes and systems each new business needs. In addition to training guides and checklists, we help hire and train the right people to open your new business. A full engagement with TrainerTainment gives you 16 weeks of coaching PLUS a devoted team of professionals who project, manage, consult, help hire, and train you and your team to ensure the success of your new business undertaking.

The business owner wants training to be a priority in their center.

It is true that front-line people make or break the business. There is no substitute for a superstar team member who works circles around the “just have a job slobs” that we rely on to serve guests. The business owners who bring TrainerTainment to their centers want to jump-start the training process. They understand the investment in their team has a long-term payoff and they are progressive enough to decide to start today.

I realize that’s a long answer. However, as I reflect on the last 13.5 years and contemplate the exciting work we get to do, I believe it always comes back to RESULTS. So, when people ask me why – or better yet – if they ask you why they should engage with TrainerTainment, I hope you’ll say, “If you want real results in sales, service, business, or leadership, you’d be crazy not to call TrainerTainment!”

The other thing we know for sure is we don’t typically get results with people who are half-hearted in their effort. We don’t deliver mediocrity, and we don’t price our products and services in a shoddy way. If you are ready to be all in, call us.

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