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Party Around the World

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  1. Party Around the World
  2. Dubai, UAE
  3. Sega Republic
  4. Kidzania
  5. World Water Park Association
  6. Foundations University
  7. Fun Training, Serious Results
  8. Travel
  9. Brainstorming with Beth

Before I tell you about my world travel experience, I want to invite all party managers, sales or event coordinators to join Linked In and sign up to communicate with other group and party people across the country. Join the professional social networking site at And then look for the group: FEC Party Managers. We had a good discussion last week about how to handle the customer who asks for the “cheapest” party. My immediate response was to suggest that you follow that question up with, “do you want the cheapest price or the most valuable package?”


DUBAI – In 2009 I was introduced to the DEAL Show through Gerry Robinson, (TSI Ltd, an amazing organizer of trade shows and events based out of the UK. Gerry had attended other training events that I had delivered over the years at Fun Expo and felt like the folks in the Middle East could handle my Texas styled presentation. I don’t know what he was thinking! I guess I didn’t scare anyone too bad because they did invite me back again this year.

Dubai is an amazing place. There is a wonderful mix a people from all around the world that gather for this show. I felt pretty plain Jane in my business dress compared to the traditional clothes worn by the Middle–Easterners and the South Africans. I got to hang out with Kevin Williams, who publishes “The Stinger Report”, and he ventured out and purchased the traditional garb for one of our nights on the town. We referred to him as “Prince Kevin” but I think it lost something in translation. I thought he looked very cool and wished I had at least purchased a scarf.


SEGA REPUBLIC: Kevin, Frank Seninsky, and I went to the Dubai Mall and experienced the newly opened Sega Republic, described as a 76,000 square foot indoor Theme Park. The malls in this city look like nothing I’ve ever seen. They are enormous and full of entertainment. In my opinion, Sega Republic was “Gameworks on steroids”. Great rides and games packed this location. There was a dark ride attraction – which I did not experience because truthfully, I’m a big baby when it comes to things that jump out at you in the dark. My intellect tells me that it’s only “entertainment” but my bladder says – “OH NO–I’m going to pee my pants!”. Two things did surprise me about this great facility.

  1. It was very slow. We were there on a Saturday and there were guests, but not as many as you would expect for a Saturday.
  2. I’m no redemption expert but Frank is; and I know he would agree with me – the redemption area looked like an afterthought. With all the money they spent on every detail in the building, I was really surprised at the lack of focus on redemption. I know that people, young and old, are completely motivated to play “MORE” games when a prize is on the line. From a retail point of view the lack of attention to this area has to be a financial mistake.


KIDZANIA was completely cool! This location is a great edutainment experience for children 4–15. It’s a child sized city that gives children the opportunity to be anything they want to be. We didn’t get to go through but did peak in and saw the enthusiasm of the kids who hung off the fire truck as they got to be firemen and women of this pretend city made just for them.


WORLD WATER PARK – My reason for being there, of course, was to participate in education for the DEAL Show. The World Water Park Association asked me to present a leadership class from the a TrainerTainment “Great Leaders®” series. The topic was communication. For me the class was great fun and provided insight that I had not expected. We talked about how communication happens in many ways. We covered how to teach the staff to handle the difficult guest. And finally the participants took an honest assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communicating with their own team members. One audience participant asked “why is it important for us to get feedback from our staff?” I think it was a very honest question; and I believe it was a forum that expanded the concept of manager/staff relations that may be newly charted territory for the leadership group in this part of the world.

One kind audience participant gave me great feedback that said she loved my energy and that I was very “chill.” I wasn’t sure of how to take that comment, but have decided she meant to say I was “cool!”


FOUNDATIONS: – Finally I had the opportunity to share the stage with Randy White, Kevin Williams, and Frank Seninsky, as Foundations hosted the final day of education.


FUN TRAINING, SERIOUS RESULTS – Topics that I covered included the TrainerTainment branded, FUN TRAINING, SERIOUS RESULTS, which features a 1–hour monthly training program for front line staff. Included in this training was the emphasis on hiring the best performers through our 90–minute audition process. I also did a Great Guest Service class. Both classes were well received and the audience purchased our audition materials, DVD’s, and training guide so that they could implement our hiring and training methods right away. I was very excited. I really believe that no matter where you live, staff challenges and guest relations are the same all around the world! It is a great honor to me to have our concepts embraced by these leaders who live half way around the world.


TRAVEL – In closing, I will share with you that the travel is tough! I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve become a royal BRAT when it comes to flying. My expectation is that I should get to ride in the front of the plane no matter what. Fortunately, American Airlines agrees with me most of the time. That worked out fine to and from America to Heathrow in London. It did not work out so well with British Airways, who I had to switch to in order to get from Britain to Dubai! Coach for 7 hours is tough for us Brats!


BRAINSTORMING WITH BETH – Thanks for letting me share this world travel experience with you and know that I am happy to be home (loosely speaking – I’m actually on a plane headed for Jackpot, NV!). Please remember to sign up for the FEC Party Managers’ group on LinkedIn, and feel free to share any party talk below!



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