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joe bidenA really good friend of mine sent me an article this week. He’s brilliant in about every way, and one of the best things he did was to preface the email with:

“If you want to read a really great speech/article on life, click on the link below. If you do read it, ignore that it’s a politician or a Democrat or whatever.”

I was glad he took the time to think about the face that I or anyone he sent the note to might allow their political prejudice get in the way of the message. it is so interesting to me how influential others can be. I trust this friend and so I clicked on the link.

It was the full text of the commencement speech that Joe Biden gave at Yale. It was funny-really funny. I found his words very honest and vulnerable which is something that I would rarely say about a politician.

I was especially moved when Vice President Biden quoted his dad with the following words:

“It’s a lucky man or woman gets up in the morning, puts both feet on the floor, knows what they’re about to do, and thinks it still matters.”

Whether you are graduating from Yale or kindergarten, it’s a big deal to feel like what you do actually matters. I have a sweet friend from elementary school that graduated with a Masters this week; Congratulations Donna!

I want to thank you for stopping in and reading the newsletter today. Oftentimes, some of you take the time to send a note back that helps me believe that what we do matters. It’s a big deal to me that you do that. I feel so lucky to work with the talented team that chooses to work at TrainerTainment and that you allow us to work with you.

It feels like we’ve really graduated as a company. After 10 years, I guess we are suppoed to be all grown up. I don’t have a grad cap and tassel to move from one side to the other, but I am thrilled to know that I’m up this morning, with both feet on the floor, and I know what I’m about to do and I believe it matters. I encourage you to be sure that you do something today that makes a difference.

Click here to read the speech (it’s worth the 5 minutes).



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