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Tips & Best Practices for Family Entertainment Centers

Would YOU make the grade?

By Beth Standlee / January 17, 2011 /

These days our brand is no longer shaped or molded by the company – with our instant society and things like social media consumers decide who we are and how well we are doing in an instant. That being said, I’d like to tell you a story about the impact we, you, and the guests we…

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The Price of No Return

By Beth Standlee / January 12, 2011 /

I know it’s tricky to make sure the price is right when it comes to charging for your products, parties and packages. But the price of getting it wrong can be really high! Too cheap and your center gets run over and potentially full of people you don’t really want in your facility; too much…

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Random Act of Service

By Beth Standlee / January 6, 2011 /

I flew home last night from Houston Hobby.  I always fly American Airlines when possible.  If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, American is your best bet.  I was amazed at the service.  My intent was to catch an earlier flight than I scheduled because due to weather the flight I was scheduled for…

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TrainerTainment-What We Do

By Beth Standlee / January 3, 2011 /

I had a terrific opportunity to attend a Vistage CEO retreat in November. At that event SAP interviewed many of the CEO’s that were in attendance. I made the cut and they were able to capture the spirit of who I believe we are and what we are trying to accomplish at TrainerTainment. Hope you enjoy.

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Win or Go Home

By Beth Standlee / December 29, 2010 /

Win or go home. You can’t win if you don’t play. If I can’t win I don’t want to play. All three of these messages are ones we’ve heard – or at least I’ve heard – over the years. Every time I hear one of these comments I picture Regina, the mean girl that lived…

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Second Place is the First Loser

By Beth Standlee / December 16, 2010 /

I met Lanny Bassham this month.  What an interesting character he is. Lanny is an Olympic gold medalist in rifle shooting.  I don’t know a thing about guns in the Olympics, and I knew very little about Lanny Bassham.  Susie Minshew, a close friend of mine tried to introduce him or at least his books…

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My Cup Runneth Over

By Beth Standlee / November 10, 2010 /

I’ve been running around like crazy the last several weeks, or maybe I should say the last 5 years. It’s unbelievable to think that I have been in business since 2005 and that 2011 is knocking on the door. Last week I had the chance to travel to San Diego. I belong to a CEO…

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Upgrade Your Staff

By Beth Standlee / November 3, 2010 /

We’ve all had crazy guest service experiences in recent months. My personal guest service experience at the Las Vegas Strip hotel that we stayed at was not what I expected. I responded to a marketing campaign in March and booked my rooms at a very low rate. I felt like I got a great deal,…

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The CQC of Selling

By Beth Standlee / October 27, 2010 /

I believe it is easy to make anything too complicated. Every day we have the opportunity to work with sales teams across the country and for me, selling should not be complicated. People in this country love to buy stuff. Why shouldn’t they buy yours? At a very fundamental level I think the best system…

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Great Service equals Great Sales – or not

By Beth Standlee / October 13, 2010 /

What’s that saying? You get one time to make a first impression. Boy, isn’t that true? We have a new Mexican restaurant in my home town, Anéjo House of Tequila. My friend Mary and her husband tried it out on the weekend and loved it. Mexican food is my favorite and when Mary mentioned this…

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