Ways to Jazz Up Your Party Rooms

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When was the last time you touched up your party rooms?

I remember it was always one of the last things on my list. It sure could have used more time and attention, though. Think of it this way, if 20% of sales are coming from birthday parties, don’t you want to make sure the rooms scream birthday party?

Your party rooms don’t have to be over the top, but after years of traveling and training at so many facilities, I have seen some really great ways to make party rooms fun. Here are some easy tips to jazz up your party room.


A fresh coat of paint is probably the least expensive and easiest way to jazz up our party rooms. Paint will help your room pop! I also love how it can make the space feel bigger and cleaner. Remember to keep colors neutral so it can work for boys or girls. Painting isn’t just a once a year thing. Do it throughout the year to make sure your rooms always look fresh.


Glow In the Dark

Creating party rooms that allow for glow parties are so much fun and they are a great upsell, too. Adding a few black lights, a disco ball, and glow paint to your room, along with glow decorations, will easily transform your party room. Work with Redemption Plus to get all of your fun glow items such as light up cups, forks, decorations, and more!

Chalk Board Wall

We are always looking for fun and easy ways to entertain the birthday guests during the party. A chalkboard wall is a great way to get the kids interacting and having fun. When setting up the party, write the birthday child’s name on the wall and have their friends sign their names. It makes for fun photo opportunities for everyone.

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

Framed Poster Art or Wall Decals

Take pictures of bumper cars, games, families having fun, and other activities in your center and blow them up, frame them, and hang them in your party rooms. Using great photos of your center increases brand awareness and can help give the party room life.


Nothing says birthday party likes balloons and you don’t have to use helium! We suggest a balloon bouquet for each of your parties, but you can hang balloons from the ceiling, too! DuraBalloons are a great way to add balloons you don’t have to replace.

 Photo Credit: American Family Daily, Inc.


Everyone loves music! Equip your rooms with a mp3/iPod docking station, a cd player, or Bluetooth speakers. Have pre-approved music for party hosts to use during their parties. Step up your game by adding TVs in each of the party rooms. You can work with Bowling Music Network to stream music videos directly in your party rooms. They take the hassle away with their KidZone and “mom approved” music.

You can see some of our ideas on our Pinterest board. Share with us your ideas to jazz up your birthday party rooms. We’d love to see what fun ideas you have!

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