Developing team members can be challenging because of a lack of knowledge, ability, or time. TrainerTainment knows that investing in the development of your team can result in happier team members that stay longer, produce better results, and share their knowledge with the rest of the organization.

During our two-day in-depth training sessions, attendees will receive the tools needed to produce serious results that can be implemented in your center immediately and collaborate with others in the industry to learn more. When your team attends a TrainerTainment conference, team members will leave more confident and better equipped to win at their job and help your business win, too.

If developing your team has been a challenge and you want to grow your people and your business, register for a conference today.


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The Birthday Party Virtual Conference

July 16 and 17, 2020

Business Coaching Conference

August 18th and 19th, 2020

“ I’ve been to a lot of training courses, and TrainerTainment does a great job of hitting the nail on the head. The conference drives home key points that you have heard throughout your career, but you help us understand how to implement them and bring home.”

-Chery Moore, Speedzone Dallas

Thank you to our 2020 conference partners

Upcoming Webinar

Join us for free training sessions from our staff to yours with our webinar series. We’ll tackle relevant issues you encounter frequently at your family entertainment center. From creating strong core values to turning birthday party guests into repeat customers, our FEC experts are here for your team. Take a look below at our webinar schedule and register for your favorite topics today!

Meaningful Conversations
Create Sales

Wish you had a winning recipe to “cook” up more sales? Sign up for this webinar and learn how to create meaning with each conversation.

It’s not enough to network. Email marketing and a big Facebook or Linked In following alone, won’t build your pipeline. You can’t eat social or physical “chit chat”. A meaningful conversation is a “real” interaction with a potential buyer.

I this webinar you’ll learn 3 key ways to successfully create meaningful conversations

1. It isn’t about YOU!
2. Sincere curiosity about how you can help the buyer creates connection and meaning!
3. If you know what to do next when you reach the end of the conversation-THEN you’ve had a meaningful conversation… If not, you probably wasted your time and certainly the buyer’s time.

Attend this webinar and know the conversations you have in the future will generate more sales.

Thursday, July 23, 2020
1:00 PM CST

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Below is the recording of the most recent webinar – Crisis Communication 101 With Jeff Chatterton. Webinar was held on Thursday, July 2, 2020.

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