Let’s Get Back To Partying! Our Favorite Birthday Party Add-Ons!

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Right now your center is probably gearing up for party season and trying to figure out the NEW Normal. Like most…we at TrainerTainment are ready to PARTY again!

Are you maximizing your chance of additional revenue for your birthday parties? Add-Ons are a fantastic way to take your birthday party ticket average up at least $20 or more, and the great thing is many items can be added the day of the party! We want to share our favorite add-ons that will help you increase birthday party sales all year long.

Our Favorite Birthday Party Add-Ons

Lanyards Add-on

We love lanyards! Often times a sad child comes to the front counter to say they have lost their game card. It can be especially devastating when it’s the birthday child. Lanyards are a great solution for attaching game cards and become a reminder of your location every time they use them. This add-on can be a HUGE lifesaver for you, parents, and a busy child who won’t lose their game card. They’re available in many colors. Be sure you customize them with your logo!

Additional Game Play or Attraction Credits Add-ons

These two add-on options are great for the center and a super bonus for the parent planning the party. It can be as simple as our favorite 5-4-3 program ($5 in gameplay for only $3) or a value price for an attraction add-on that might include additional games of laser tag, mini-golf, a go-kart ride, and more!

Goody Bags Add-on

No kid wants to leave a party without having a fun goody bag in hand. Make it simple for mom. The day is all about the birthday child, and it’s a no-fuss, no-muss, leave-it-to-us experience. Creating custom bags is simple and inexpensive. Remember to include a customized insert with a special offer for a return visit. Redemption Plus is our leading partner and has created some amazing bags for our clients!

Glow Party

Glow parties are exciting and fun for all ages! If you have a private party room, install a few black lights and use glow paint to create a custom glow-themed room. Offer packages that include glow necklaces and bracelets, light-up sporks, cups, and centerpieces, too. This is a small investment with huge returns!

Special Stations

Thanks to Pinterest, parents are becoming more and more creative with their parties. Lack of time or space makes it hard to bring their creativity to life. Research some of those ideas and implement them at your center to provide that unique experience moms are looking for on Pinterest. One of our favorite ideas is to design your own cookie or cupcake station. Instead of having a fun game or activity in the room, have blank sugar cookies with various bags of frosting so party goers can decorate their own cookie or cupcake to take home. Check out our Pinterest board to get some ideas.

Logo Merchandise

Everyone wants more branding and visibility. What better way to become a household name than to send kids home with a fun-colored cup with your logo! It’s handy for kids, parents, and your party hosts. If you have a mascot, you may want to consider commissioning a small stuffed version to give to the birthday child as a gift they take home and love forever.

Additional Food Options

Parties are more than just pizza and hot dogs for the kiddos. Parents want to be able to attend a great party and enjoy food and beverage, too! Chicken wings, quesadillas, gourmet salads, and specialty sandwiches are great for adults. Platters work best since a parent can order a couple to snack on during the party.

We would love to hear from you! What do you think you can implement in your center? What are some of your favorite add-ons? Type in the comments below!

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