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One of my obsessions is watching the Tasty Presents videos on cooking. I love to cook and thank God I am blessed with the gift of being an amazing cook.

People ask all the time how I was able to become a good cook. There are two secrets to it: practice and a recipe. It’s that simple. I started cooking when I was about five years old in my weta’s kitchen. The first thing she taught me to make was scrambled eggs. As I perfected those, she taught me to make all types of Mexican dishes. As a young child, I would practice making the same dish over and over again until I perfected it. As an adult, I do the same.

Selling isn’t any different. All it takes is the repetition of practicing and having a recipe to sell. Often we hear people talk about why they aren’t booking enough birthday parties. Once we dig in, we find that it’s because they aren’t selling them, they are just telling about them. It’s why TrainerTainment has developed what is called the BDSQF, Birthday Sales Qualification Form. The BDSQF is our recipe for selling.

This secret sauce will help your team become confident when selling your birthday packages, create consistency in the delivery and managing mom’s expectations, and help you close sales more often.

So let’s jump in and take this step by step.

Connect With The Parent

The first thing we want to do is connect with a parent. Connection is an important part of the sales process. Remember, people buy from people. We want to build a relationship and trust from the get-go. So, the conversation may go something like this:

“Hi, thank you for calling TrainerTainment. This is Rosie. How may I serve you?”

“Hi, how much are your birthday parties?”

“Oh, we have the best parties in town! Glad you called us.”

Ask Qualifying Questions

Once we have connected, we want to qualify them. During qualification, we are trying to get answers so we can find out what the customer wants and sell them that. If we do qualification well, it will help us to not have any, or very few, objections later in the process

“Are we having a party for a child or adult?”

Yes! We know that most are calling for a child’s party, but it’s a great time to plant the seed that we do adult parties too in the form of team building, company parties, etc.

“Is it a boy or girl?”

I know, we haven’t asked their name yet but what if the name is something like Jordan? Jordan could be a boy or girl and there is nothing that will make a mom angrier than calling their precious boy a girl.

“What is his/her name?”

Asking the birthday child’s name is so important! Use the name throughout the entire conversation to make the call personal and connect with the mom even more.

“How old is Susie going to be?”

Do you have packages that have height or age requirements? If we know that ahead of time, we know not to sell them one of those packages.

“About how many children and adults are going to be attending Susie’s birthday party?”

We used their name again and now we have a better idea of logistics and packages to sell them.

Present With Confidence

Now are the fun and easy part. We want to present the information in a way that is easy for the parent to understand and buy. Keep items that are included in all packages together and then talk about how each is different. Easy to sell easy to buy.

“TrainerTainment is the ultimate birthday experience!

              All of our packages include

1 hour and 15 minutes in a private party room

A party host who will handle all of the details for you

Pizza and drinks for all the children in the package

Plates, cups, napkins, and a balloon bouquet

Susie is going to receive a special birthday badge and a whirl in our ticket machine

And every child will go home with a coupon to come back for a free game of bowling.

Our first package is our ultimate package. It includes two hours of bowling, one game of laser tag, and a $10 game card.

Our next package is our supreme package. It includes one hour of bowling and a $10 game card.

And our final package is an hour of bowling and a $5 game card.”

Wasn’t that easy to read through and easy to understand? Always start with the biggest package and work down to the smallest. Mom will be so excited it will be hard to want to go to anything less! Have you noticed we haven’t given prices yet? Our job to this point is to get mom excited about Susie’s birthday party and we want her to make a decision based on what would make Susie happy, not how much it costs. When you give a price up front, it’s always too expensive!

Close: Ask For the Sale

Next, we want to close. It’s easy to go through all the steps and leave it up to mom to say, “Okay, I’m ready to book” but it doesn’t work like that. If we want to close the sale, we need to ask for it!

“Of these parties, which do you think Susie and her friends would enjoy the most?”

This is the question that goes in for the key selling point. We want mom to make a decision based on what will make Susie happy, not the price! So, now she’s thinking about Susie.

“Great! Our Ultimate package is $249.90 for up to 10 guests and each additional guest is $24.99. “

Now that we have given them the price and have overcome any price objections, we want to go into closing even more.

“Were you planning on having Susie’s birthday party during the week or on the weekend? If you host your party Monday – Thursday, you receive the Ultimate party for the Supreme price.”

“Wonderful, what day were you considering?”

“Did you want to have Susie’s party early in the day or later in the day?”

“We have a 2:00 and a 3:00 available. Which of these times works best Susie and her friends?”

These questions help guide us into the final planning stages of the event. We know the date and time and now it’s time to seal the deal. Remember, a deal isn’t a deal till there is money in hand.

“So we have Susie’s party down for Friday, January 25th at 5:00 PM for 12 children and seven adults. I just need a $50 deposit to secure your time and the deposit is deducted off the balance of your bill. I’m ready for your credit card number when you are.”

Don’t Forget to Upsell

The final step is to upsell. Upselling can make a significant difference in your sales. Remember, you want to upsell now, during your confirmation call and the day of the party. So just pick one or two items you want to sell now.

“To make Susie’s party even easier to plan, we also offer goody bags that have candy, toys, and a coupon for a free $5 game card. They are just $2.99 each. Would you like to add those now?”

Put this all together and you have a recipe to sell more and close parties faster!

If you are ready to grow your parties and have a partner to hold your team accountable, call us! We can help customize a script to fit your needs, train your team how to use this recipe, and help hold them accountable. Schedule an appointment with Krista or Sonya now.

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