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Buy something from a kid!

I encourage you to make the difference in the life of a young person this week. I was at the grocery store yesterday, and a young man was offering food tasting in the organic fruit section. I rounded a corner, and there he was with a table full of oranges.

He had three different kinds of citrus. He made eye contact with me and said, “Would you like to try my oranges today?” How could I say no? He told me about the fruit. (Did you know there’s something called a blood orange? It’s red, by the way!) Then he said, “Of the three, which one would you like to try?” That was clever. From a sales point of view, it was an amazing move. It required commitment on my part and exclusivity!

I picked one, and I liked it. It was yummy as a matter of fact. I asked him which oranges he liked the most. With enthusiasm, he shared that he ate halo oranges every day. I also got some background on why they are called halos. Interestingly enough, his choice was not the choice I had made. Nonetheless, I trusted him. He wasn’t just telling me what he thought I needed to hear.

And then he did the best thing a good sales guy can do. He asked, “Would you like to buy some of my oranges today”? I loved how personal he made it and, of course, you know my answer. Without hesitation, I said, “I sure would!”

I picked the oranges I tasted. He reached out and began to pick up as many oranges as he could hold. He didn’t say, “How many do you want?” He assumed I wanted several. I didn’t argue. He grabbed a bag to put them in and then he said, “Would you like more?” I loved the upsell! I let him know I was pleased with the current amount and thanked him.

Sales at a High Level

Although this young man looked a little awkward alone at the end of the fruit aisle, he understood his job that day. He did several “sales” things at a high level, and I feel certain he’s not aware of the “sales process.”

  1. He absolutely connected with me by not passing up the opportunity that arose because we made eye contact.
  2. He qualified me by finding out if I had any interest in trying his oranges.
  3. He presented beautifully…I didn’t even realize there were so many types of oranges. I love to learn new things.
  4. He closed the sale by asking me to buy the oranges.

I have no idea if this young man will grow into a superstar salesman. What I do know is that I want to encourage others. His behavior was spot on! He was doing his job at a high level that day. I know that I’m not his boss but I am the buyer…… oh wait….the buyer is the boss!

Anyway, my point is that when we have the opportunity to encourage others, we should take it. You can always find time to encourage your team, your kids, or your friends. Pay attention to when they are getting it right and encourage them to keep doing that!

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  1. Jeremy Hoyum on October 20, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Beth,
    I agree that we should take the time to acknowledge when the people around us do a great job. I think that I need to do a better job at that. It was also an opportunity (for someone that is not a sales expert like you) to learn from simplicity how to do it right. I love that he didn’t give you the option to say know but made you pick from what he was offering.

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