Jeff Chatterton specializes in crisis communication, almost exclusively on the travel, tourism, attractions, and aviation industries. He is an IAAPA member, and the co-author of a best-selling book on crisis communications, “Leaders Under Fire,” intended to ‘peel back the curtain’ on many of the myths in crisis communications.

Whether it’s the Ebola outbreak in Africa, privacy breach in Canada, a volcanic eruption in Ecuador, or a hot air balloon accident in Las Vegas, he has been there and done that. He has clients from Stockholm to Sydney, and in a non-pandemic year visits them on all six continents.  

Session One: Trust
You’re thinking of reopening, but watching the chaos unfold around you.  The staff is revolting. The public is upset and complaining on Facebook. The Mayor is on Line One, and the local TV station is on line 2.  

Did you know the public doesn’t care how ‘clean’ you are, even in a pandemic?  They want to know ONE thing: Can they trust you.  And the way you try to establish trust, using traditional tools, isn’t going to cut it anymore.  

Session Two: Messaging
What do you say when the public accuses you of putting public safety at risk by reopening?  What do you say to employees who are upset that you’ve opened – or upset that you’re not open yet?  How do you convince the public that your new procedures are for their benefit?  What are the magic words you need to remember?

Jeff Chatterton will outline his secret formula to answer difficult questions.  The best part – you only need to remember 7 to 11 words.  The rest looks after itself.

Session Three: Recovery

Are we in for a bounceback or a long haul?  How can we convince school boards to do business with us again?  What clients can we afford to let go, and what clients do we need to reach out to in order to keep our business alive?

Jeff Chatterton is going to outline the steps toward prioritizing your stakeholders… and run us through a primer on exactly what NOT to say to them.

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