Sales Relationship Tip Number 3 – Express gratitude – always

Whether you sell something or not, every contact you make builds a firm foundation for what to do next. You are going to get something out of every sales call you make, no matter what. You have experience that you can file away for the next lead. You learn why people don’t buy your stuff. You find out what works better and what you could have done to improve on the last situation. When you go into a cold call or even work a warm lead with a pre–determined attitude of gratefulness, you’ll always come out a winner. No matter what happens, thank others for their time and understand the beauty of learning something with every interaction.

Sales Relationship Tip Number 2 – Be more interested in helping the customers get what they need rather than selling your stuff!

If your product can make a big difference for your customers, then you genuinely need to find out what they need and sell them that. If your approach is all about you and you getting the features and benefits of your product in front of a potential customer so that they will buy your stuff, then you have your priorities in the wrong order. Ask your customer the right questions that will help you identify whether or not your product makes a difference in their life. If it doesn’t, then you aren’t speaking to the right buyer. Remember, great selling is helping others – you do something for people and not to them!

Sales Relationship Tip Number 1 – Listen more than you talk

This one is especially hard for me and most sales people. We’re chatty by nature, which can be a good thing gone bad when we don’t get the subtle shut–up cues that our customers often give us. I believe we talk too much for a couple of reasons. One, we get nervous and fearful that the customer might reject us.Two, we’re excited and passionate, and our hope and belief that everyone should have our stuff overruns the ability to listen to the pieces that our potential client is really wanting to buy. There’s not a single salesperson in the world that hasn’t had the experience of having someone sold and then unsold the situation because they didn’t quit talking . . look how I’m rambling on here! Let’s move on to number 2 . .

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