There Is So Much Talent Out There

There Is So Much Talent Out There

Marlies is organized, thorough, and a joy to work with. She’s been with the TrainerTainment team since 2017. As a professional Executive Assistant, she keeps us all on track. The value she provides our customer through recruiting and hiring is immeasurable. Marlies helped place more than 30 Sales Managers, General Managers, and other leadership roles in the Family Entertainment space in 2019 alone! When Marlies is on the job, it is easy to expect excellence, enthusiasm, and appreciation for a job well done!
Finally, we are approaching a point in this COVID-19 crisis when we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Our social and economic society is seriously impacted by this crisis. At least now, most states are allowing their businesses to reopen with limited capacity and everyone is wondering what new normal will look like. Many think we are off to a slow start bringing our economy back to life. While some businesses have been able to sustain themselves during these rough times through financial reserves and federal aids, other businesses have been less fortunate.

Life lessons teach us positive comes with the negative. In a recent TrainerTainment Peer Talk, one FEC owner reported that in his trade area alone there were 8,000 employees in the hospitality and FEC industry laid off and only 6,000 were projected to be needed for reopening. The other 2,000 employees will be out of work for good and will have to look for new employment. So, where’s the positive in the fact that 25% of people have lost their job in this area?

The positive is that there is tremendous talent with highly skilled and experienced people out there, waiting to get back into the workforce. Businesses can draw from a pool of job seekers who know the tools of their trade, who are self-starters, and who are ready to jump in to drive the business forward right after their orientation session. They are bursting with energy to showcase their talent and reach their full potential as soon as they get the opportunity to do so.

“They make more money on unemployment than working.” This is a statement often said lately. As a recruiter, I disagree with this statement for two reasons: First, unemployment is only temporary and soon these individuals will be back on the job market seeking employment. Second, those who are hungry for work would rather work for a paycheck than collect unemployment. They have already posted their resumes on the recruiting sites. They are ready to be hired. Businesses right now have a huge opportunity to tap into this pool of talented, experienced, and highly skilled individuals who are looking for work.

As has been shared on Peer Talk many times, business owners feel this is an opportunity to restart their business, to operate it better than they did before this crisis started. To be better, we need the right people who can get us there. Can you think of a better way to restart your business than through building a new team, a stronger team – a team of super stars?

The TTT Recruiting Experience

The TTT Recruiting Experience

A study conducted in 2018 by the Society for Human Resource Management states that the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129 with approximately 42 days to fill a position. A similar study conducted by Glassdoor found that the average a company in the United States spends to hire a new employee is $4,000 with approximately 52 days to fill a position.


The cost of hiring can quickly increase, especially when a company has a high staff turnover. Often, companies hire quickly and run the risk of hiring someone who lacks certain skills or job experience, just to have somebody in the position – granted, with the best intent to provide training down the road or hoping that the new employee will take the initiative to learn and get up to speed to make up for the lack of skills. Unfortunately, employment based on these hiring methods don’t last very long and both the company and the employee find out soon that they are not the right fit for the position or for each other, which leaves the company with the dilemma to hire again for the position. This situation, besides the high cost of hiring, can quickly get frustrating for the employer and their team.


The good news is that there is a solution and companies with hiring challenges can get easy help from experts. Client Recruiting is one of TrainerTainment’s services. A recruiting specialist works closely with the client to customize a job ad for the position to attract best-suited candidates. The recruiting specialist monitors all incoming job applications and follows a thorough screening and interview protocol which includes sophisticated online testing tools to determine the best fitting candidates for the position. Only the top-rated candidates get forwarded to the client for review.

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Hire With Intention, Not Desperation

Hire With Intention, Not Desperation

I think we can all agree that one of the hardest parts of running a business is finding – and keeping – the right people. When you can’t rely on your team, every bit of a day’s work can be challenging. This is especially true for any business reliant on hourly employees. As a Trainer & Coach, I hear the same thing all the time from business owners and managers – “kids these days are lazy” or “unemployment is low, and all the good people are taken”. Sure, there’s some truth to all of this. However, what if I told you there is a way to find and keep good team members and close the revolving door of employees that disappoint?

Unicorns DO Exist!

Let me ask you this… when was the last time you noticed great customer service? And I don’t mean employees just going through the motions of customer service. I mean a staff that seems to genuinely enjoy their job. I noticed it recently at a local pizza restaurant. In fact, it wasn’t the first time. Every time I visit, whether to eat in or carry out, every employee is friendly, courteous, SMILING and genuinely seems to like being there. But the interesting part of it all is that they are teenagers! And even MORE interesting? I’ve never seen one of them on their phone or chatting amongst themselves and ignoring customers. These kids are engaged and ready to get the job done.

So how does this pizzeria do it? They hire with INTENTION, not desperation. It’s easy to fill a spot with just anybody. But if just “any body” (and I mean that literally) will do, then you are setting yourself up for that revolving door of employment fails.

It’s Really Not About Them

It’s time to change the myth of hiring that suggests there are no good team members. If you’ve been following this blog series for the past few weeks, then hopefully your eyes have been opened to company culture and its components. This entry is about the people and why you probably aren’t finding the right ‘fit’ for your business. It all boils down to YOUR culture. If you’ve defined it – the vision/mission and the core values – then the heavy lifting is done. You know who you are as a business, where you want to be, and the kind of people who can get you there. You have the blueprint for asking the right questions during an interview. The right answers to these questions will give you a person that is ready and willing to work and thrive in YOUR environment. Quit settling for people who don’t fit your culture. It’s miserable!

Make it About Your Core

Getting to this point, this “aha” moment of hiring and training, does not happen overnight. Hopefully the last few blog entries have inspired you to really think about your company’s culture and why it’s essential to define it.

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