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Tips & Best Practices for Family Entertainment Centers

When Selling CLICKS

By Beth Standlee / June 3, 2011 /

I know I usually only give a tip … but this little nugget deserved a whole STORY! Last week I had an INCREDIBLE week down in Dallas working with Beth. We were preparing all of the collateral on our new social media products and services. Let me tell you (though you probably already know) I’m…

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Oh, to be in the 6th Grade Again!

By Beth Standlee / May 26, 2011 /

Last Friday I was invited to speak at Career Day to the 6th Graders at Bear Creek Intermediate in Keller, Texas.  Of all the speaking gigs I have had recently this one is the “coolest” adventure I’ve had in a while.  Did you know that 6th graders will ask you ANYTHING? In preparation for this…

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Can Your Job be Your Party?

By Beth Standlee / May 10, 2011 /

{As seen in Replay Magazine} If you ask Mai Pastor, you’ll get a resounding yes. I just completed my third annual around-the-world training event in Dubai at the DEAL show. I was so taken by the energy of this group of symposium attendees. Mai is not your average party person. Let me explain how employment…

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By Beth Standlee / April 28, 2011 /

It’s been a whirlwind 4 months. Can you believe it’s already the end of April? I hope the start to your new year has been fantastic. In an informal survey with more than 25 family entertainment center locations I get the sense that business was good. We have the opportunity to work directly with 30+…

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Party in Dubai & Let's Make $$$ in Vegas

By Beth Standlee / April 21, 2011 /

How’s that for a title? I just can’t send this week’s email out without personally inviting you to PLEASE come to Vegas on the 5th & 6th of May.  If it sounds like I’m begging so be it.  Making money in Vegas sounds like an oxymoron but honestly, if our Sales Seminar doesn’t load you…

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For the Love of Dogs!

By Beth Standlee / April 7, 2011 /

My friend Mary had a classic sales experience last week.  I couldn’t wait to share it with our readers.  I think there is a real divide between sales and marketing.  Sometimes I watch “what could be great sales people” fall into the category of good because they think that marketing materials are their barrier to…

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The Daiquiri Drive Up

By Beth Standlee / March 23, 2011 /

Yes you read that right.  I have had the great fortune to experience a lot of Louisiana in the last several weeks.  And while there are many things to share I just couldn’t pass up telling you about a GREAT service moment. Honestly it happened in an instant, and is so representative of how easy…

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The Gifts Come When You're Living in the Moment

By Beth Standlee / March 2, 2011 /

I’m at the Pizza Show this week and what a fun experience.  I’m hoping to come away with only three or four extra pounds and a whole lot of new friends!  Well, I would actually love to lose the pounds and only gain the friends but it’s VERY difficult to walk to the restroom and…

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Get on the Energy Bus

By Beth Standlee / February 24, 2011 /

Are you out of fuel? Is your energy or the energy of your center suffering? Well RUN don’t walk to the bookstore, hit download on your I-pad, Nook, Kindle, I-phone or do whatever it is that you do when you read. AND if you don’t read, this is the week to start. You must grab…

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Do You Party?

By Beth Standlee / February 9, 2011 /

Before I start this week’s newsletter, I just have to say that I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Brooke.  Her energy and marketing experience is something I am very excited about adding to our team.  Be sure and click on the link to get Brooke’s social marketing tip this week, and thanks Brooke for keeping us…

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