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Best Promotion of the Year

As I travel the country, I see lots of terrific promotions. I try to pay attention because I think it is difficult to come up with that irresistible promo that guarantees people will flood your front door. Last year, the BEST promotion I saw came at the end of the...

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Sell More Than Ever In 2010

I recently exchanged a “linked–In” message (yes, I am on linked–in, facebook, and twitter) with an old friend and we laughed about the decade mark of the new–year. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were worried about Y2K! I love this...

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Where Did 2009 Go?

As the year draws to an end and the hustle of the holiday is upon us, I could not let the week go by without our weekly newsletter. I’ve missed my own deadline, so I’ll beg forgiveness up front for bad grammar and/or misspelling. Time goes so fast....

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Whose Job Is It Anyway

Do You Want to Work?          Do You Need to Work? Choose One I’ve decided that these 2 questions need to be mandatory questions for every employee and for anyone who is interested in filling out a job application. My...

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One Chance at a First Impression

I attended my 30 year class reunion this past weekend. Because I was on the planning committee, you can bet we included a bowling event as one of the activities! You can view pictures on my Facebook page. You know those pictures are worth a 1000 words! I don’t...

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Human Service

Maybe we should quit teaching what customer service is and simply talk about people being in service one to another. Everyone has a standard about how they want to be treated. If we had a “Maslow’s hierarchy of guest service", I think it might look like this: This...

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