Audiobook People Buy From People – a Sneak Peek

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I’m excited to share that I released a new audiobook at the end of last year, People Buy From People. I’m so committed to helping those who want to improve their personal and financial future through a career in sales. My vision is that this audiobook becomes a “must listen” for every salesperson who wants to improve their amateur sales status and become a highly paid sales professional! To that end, I am giving you a sneak-peak at a small piece of chapter five of the audiobook.

Chapter 5 of Audiobook – STOP Whining and START Prospecting

We’ve talked about many things that make a career in sales difficult. If it were easy everyone would do it. However, I believe the implementation of a simple sales process coupled with a genuine desire to help others, gives many of us the opportunity to enhance our financial and personal freedom. Although it’s not easy, it can be simple to achieve amazing results when you commit to the discipline and drive required to follow this proven sales model. If you’re ready to take a leap toward that kind of commitment, let’s get started!

The Simple Sales Process: Prospect-Connect-Qualify-Present-Close PCQPC

Prospecting sets the sales superstar up for success and apart from all the rest.

To fully succeed in sales, you must have people who are willing to buy from you. I know it may sound silly to lay it out like this, but what good is even a simple sales process, if there’s no one to buy? Finding a buyer is much easier when you determine who your ideal buyer is. You may have several target markets, and I’m sure that inside each target there are clients or customers that you love more than others. It makes the most sense to me that it’s a whole lot easier and much more fun to sell to those I love, and to those who love me back. I don’t know about you, but for me, if it’s not fun, I’m not very motivated to do it. So with that in mind, let’s identify your ideal buyer.

Identify the ideal buyer.

Look at your favorite clients and write down the details of why they are an ideal client. As an example, in my company today, we know our ideal buyers are entrepreneurs who desire help with sales, service, or top-level business and leadership challenges. We think those who have more than 1 million dollars in annual revenue are more able to justify our services. We don’t work with Jackasses. We like people who are obsessed with high performance. We pay our bills on time and expect those we do business with to pay their bills on time too. We want to sell to buyers who love to learn and who are willing to be coached. Finally, we need the people we serve to believe they need to provide excellent service to their end-user.

I think this first step approach of identifying your ideal buyer may motivate you to quit waiting for the business to come to you. If you will spend 25% of your sales time creating new sales, then the sky is the limit on the rewards that come with new business development. Gone are the days that the incoming “business on accident” can sustain your growth. If you want to stand out from your competition, if you want to have more sales, if you demand the kind of results that create certainty in your growth, then take this first step. Identify your ideal buyer and then spend 25% of your sales effort reaching out to acquire this new business.

I hope you got something out of the sneak peek of the audiobook. In closing, I wanted to mention what a fantastic time we had at our Virtual Sales Growth Clinic last week. I wish you could have all been there! We are looking forward to our upcoming workshop, The Birds Workshop,  in March, and more clinics featuring the Sales Pro System.

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