Trainertainment® at Amusement Expo 2024
Booth 2430

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Amusement Expo 2024

March 18-21, 2024
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

Beth Standlee

Beth Standlee
Founder, and CEO

3/18, 1:00 pm – Moderator
People Management: Keys to Creating a Highly Effective Team” with Luke Adams, President & CEO of Pioneer Vending.
3/18, 2:45 pm – Moderator
Marketing Trends for FECs” featuring Christopher Rokosz, Founder, and Creative Director of What to Post?, Todd Maunsell, VP of Operations of Cinergy Entertainment, and Keith Baldwin of Elev-8.

Candi Kelley

Candi Kelley


3/19, 2:45 pm – Table Captain
Industry Roundtable session titled “Reducing Attrition.”

Delve into engaging conversations on employee engagement, training and development, recognition programs, effective communication channels, fostering work-life balance, career growth opportunities, team-building initiatives, feedback mechanisms, and holistic health and well-being. Exchange insights, discover best practices, and elevate your workforce dynamics.

Do you want a productive team and a profitable business? With the challenges that we face daily, this industry needs training and applicable resources to help lead you to success. We invite you to Booth #2430 with Trainertainment® at Amusement Expo, to see how TrainerTainment can partner with you to make your business even more successful.

TrainerTainment® provides cutting-edge coaching and training in areas of sales, service, and leadership. Come see if online, onsite, and/or ongoing coaching and training is something that will make a significant difference in your business.

This year at Amusement Expo TrainerTainment® will be featuring the following:

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We will be in Booth #2430 – make sure and stop by.

Beth Standlee


Founder & CEO

Candi Kelley


Chief Operating Officer

Dan Poertner



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