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Business Coaching

Business Coaching gets everyone on the same page and helps your team members understand their role in creating a positive atmosphere for your customers. We help you put the right people in the right seats. You know your business best, but we will create a thriving environment for your team to succeed with less effort than you're putting in now.

With Business Coaching, we focus on a less-is-more strategy to clarify your vision and bring more customers through your door.

The Plan:

Weekly coaching calls

Quarterly planning sessions

Help with how to handle hiring, firing & training

Help implementing data-driven accountability

Business Coaching Results:

Top-line and bottom-line results

A system that predicts, manages, rewards, and incentivizes performance

Drama and fire-fighting replaced with accountability, discipline, results, and profitability

Better communication of your daily and long-term problem solving

TrainerTainment understands our business needs and could see the holes in our business that we needed to fix."

-Eddie Sheehan, Wamesit Lanes

If you are frustrated with the daily grind of running your business, TrainerTainment can help.

Sales Coaching

The best way to increase your family entertainment sales is through exposure to potential new customers. Our training programs will teach your sales team how to make the most out of parties and group events at your bowling alley, roller rink, trampoline park, or any family entertainment center!

No one is born a salesperson. A TrainerTainment sales coach is able to help transform your sales team into a motivated and successful selling machine.

The Plan:

In-depth analysis of your market and sales programs

Expert assessment of your sales talent

A weekly coaching call with a dedicated sales coach.

Two-day on-site training for sales talent

And much more...

Sales Coaching Results:

A sales team that is confident and motivated to sell more

Increased sales as a result of weekly accountability

Salespeople that are trained and have the proper tools for selling

Have a strategy and plan for selling

"I have to admit I was a little unsure of what to expect, but after just a few months, I am in love with the sales coaching process! A simple weekly review of KPI's holds us accountable."

-Danielle Devane, The Summit Windsor

If your sales team is struggling to find leads and close sales and you're struggling to motivate them, TrainerTainment can help.

Sales Coaching Intensive

The competent salesperson exudes confidence. Confidence helps your sales pro get the kind of results that increase the pipeline and close more sales, more often. We help you help that salesperson become a sales superstar by jump-starting their success with 90-days of intensive coaching and training. You have the person; we can supply the coach to drive peak performance.

With Sales Coaching Intensive, we champion your salesperson to be confident, competent, and able to close more sales more often.

The Plan:

Two-days of intensive onsite sales training

Focus on how to have more meaningful conversations

90 days of one-on-one weekly coaching focused on performance

Daily journal and accountability

And much more...

Sales Coaching Results:

Your new salesperson is caught up to speed quickly

An increased sales pipeline that results in more closed sales

A confident, competent, salesperson who drives your sales

Your salesperson is exposed to and coached to use a sales process that works every time on every prospect

I knew that I did not have the knowledge or experience to set up a great sales situation in my center. I also knew that TrainerTainment has been doing that kind of work for a long time. The intensive sales coaching investment in Cheryl is paying off everyday."

Melanie Coleman-OwnerHoliday Lanes, Bossier LA

If your salesperson needs the extra push to move your sales needle forward, TrainerTainment can help.

New Center Projects

When opening a family entertainment center, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. We know that it is often the people that get forgotten until the last minute. Rushing to fill positions is not an effective strategy to create a dynamic, customer focused team that will increase and create new sales.

Our New Center Projects team will help to take some of the load off you by focusing on getting the right people and training them to make opening easy and your business run smoothly from day one.

The Plan:

Detailed New Center Projects schedule & project plan

Weekly coaching & accountability

Hiring and training your team

90 days sales coaching after opening

New Center Projects Strategy Results:

More time for you to focus on your priorities

An understanding of how to operate a successful Family Entertainment Center

The right team in place from the get-go

Fully trained team that sets you apart from your competition

If you are overwhelmed with hiring and training your people to run your new center, TrainerTainment can help.

Mystery Shopping Services

Increasing birthday parties is easy when you have a process and a plan. Our Mystery Shopper Services give your team a recipe for selling and closing the incoming birthday sale more often. We teach your team how to close birthday parties more often with a proven process that makes birthday parties easy to sell, and even easier to buy, and then we test them with our mystery shoppers.

Presenting the information won’t close more sales. Our coaching team can train your team to answer the phone with confidence and book more parties.

The Plan:

Analyze your party packages and recommend changes

Create a custom script specific to your center

Train your team to book the party every time

Weekly mystery shops to hold each person accountable

And much more...

Mystery Shopping Results:

Build team member confidence

Training reinforcement

Increase party bookings by 30%

Close birthday parties faster

"Mystery Shopping helped us solidify our birthday sales process. It holds our staff accountable is a great training tool which has helped increase our booking ratio! You will see the results!"

-GM, Wiggle Works Kids

If you want a 30% year over year increase with a more confident team that can book more parties easier and faster, TrainerTainment can help.

On-site Training

Not investing in a training program for your team members could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. We know that developing a training program can seem to take a lot of time and resources that you don’t have. However, by investing in training, your team members will be happier in their job, stay longer, and have better knowledge to provide a great guest experience.

We believe that you need to grow your people first to grow your business. Our coaches have the resources and background to train your team while saving you time and money.

The Plan:

Identify gaps in processes that are inhibiting your team’s ability to sell, manage and deliver great guest service

Provide 1, 2, or 3-day training sessions customized to fit your business needs

Build confidence and knowledge in your team members by providing the tools and guidance necessary to become high performers

Create a culture of high touch, interactive customer service that will ensure overall growth

On-site Training Results:

A team of knowledgeable and confident high performers ready to serve your customers

An empowered culture and environment focused on creating the best guest experience for your customers

Increased team member morale through fun training and assurance that you believe in their ability to deliver the best guest experience, create memories, and sell more

"It was amazing to see our team members connect and become excited to be collaborating on the training."

-Trevor Cunningham, Ryan Family Amusements

If you are overwhelmed with hiring and training your people to run your new center, TrainerTainment can help.