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Recruiting Services

Studies show that companies are spending a fortune on finding and hiring job candidates, just to see them leave after a short while when they recognize they are not the right fit for the position and to start over with the hiring. Save money and allow us to take care of your hiring needs.

Our Recruiting Specialists are experts in their field and help you find the best fitting candidates to fill your General Manager, Event Management, and Sales positions.

The Plan:


Identify the positions that need to be filled


Create an effective job ad for online posting and distribution to over 100 job posting boards nationwide and screen all incoming applications


We select and conduct screening interviews with the promising candidates


Thorough tracking and excellent communication ensure that you stay engaged and informed during the entire recruiting process

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Recruiting Results:


Excellent team members that are qualified to fill the required position


After hiring, we will continue our follow up to learn how the new candidate has settled into their new role

If you are overwhelmed with finding the right people in the management and sales positions, TrainerTainment can help.

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