3 Promotion Ideas for Your Arcade Card System

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TrainerTainment® partnered with integrated cloud-based solutions provider Embed for Think Tank Thursdays, a thought-leadership webinar to help the entertainment industry bounce back from the pandemic.

In this episode, Beth Standlee, Trainertainment CEO, and John Keys, Embed Key Strategic Account Manager, got into a meaningful discussion covering low-cost, high value promotional executions for arcade card systems that can increase your game revenue by 15 to 20%.

Idea 1: Upsell and Bundle Offers – For point-of-sales systems or unmanned reload kiosks, you can set up custom upsell and bundle offers to give guests an added value for their money. For the operator, this equals a good percentage of revenue lift; Keys presented a case study featuring a 35% revenue lift in this video. For example, a $20 card reload can become a $27 sale by offering a $2 bump for an additional $5 value and creating a bundle with a $5 one-hour free video games play.

Idea 2: Bounce-back offers – Bounce-back offers drives repeat business which is crucial for a successful business reopening during the pandemic. Promotions like this are delivered via email or messaging to customers with dormant cards. Bounce-back offers can also be linked to a card reload system and efficiently executed by an unmanned kiosk. At the same time, you can introduce an offer that guests can redeem for more value during their next visit.

Idea 3: Stay and Play – This example of customer loyalty program can be implemented to reward customers for specific occasions. For instance, you can run a social media promotion offering one-for-one packages to birthday celebrants of a specific month.

There are more creative ways operators can maximize their arcade card system’s features to create bundles, packages, and offers that can increase guest spend. You can check out other features of Embed’s smartTOUCH arcade debit card reader like mercy tickets and free play time for inspiration.

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