Whose Job Is It Anyway


Do You Want to Work?          Do You Need to Work?

Choose One

I’ve decided that these 2 questions need to be mandatory questions for every employee and for anyone who is interested in filling out a job application. My husband and I have just spent the last 4 days traveling the Washington, Oregon, and finally today we’ve reached the California coast. What an amazing journey. We intend to make it to San Diego and fly home on Saturday but we’ll have to pick up the pace.

This journey has given me an amazing view of the great northwest and the people who work for our national parks. I pay attention to guest service. Most of the people that we have come into contact with have been the kind of team members that would definitely check the box that says “I want to work”.

It hasn’t seemed to matter if the employee is young or old. There have been senior citizens who verbalized that they were volunteers and then folks that must be on the payroll. I’ll detail some of the experiences and share some of our pictures on our blog. As you click through, I want you to think about the following questions. Do you know what your staff would say if you ask them whether they want to work, or if they have to work? Please let me know where you believe your staff stands and how that affects the level of service at your facility.

We drove up to the entrance of a national park in Oregon. The lady working the booth was so helpful. She qualified our experience; and as she understand that we were headed south she enthusiastically shared with us that we could pay $7.00 for this park or purchase a pass for $10.00 and enjoy all the parks along the coast. We didn’t ask for a discount and weren’t aware of what we should do but I can tell you that I really appreciated the information. It mattered to this gate keeper that we received the best experience possible. We received a map of all the parks along the way and purchased the best package. Does your staff know or care about what product best suits your next customer?

We got close and personal with Yaquina Head Lighthouse. I personally have only seen lighthouses in pictures. I had no idea all there was to know about a lighthouse! Every employee we encountered (4 in all) had the same passion about Yaquina Head and knew a lot about the other lighthouses in the state. At 9 stories high Yaquina was the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon coast-YES I climbed to the top!

I’ll close this week with these final thoughts. Our people are our greatest resources. Do they know it? Do they care? Do they want to work with and for you, or do they have to work? I challenge you to find out, give them great reasons to care about what you do, or find those that will!

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